Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures

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Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures 5

Jaguar and Land Rover are two iconic automotive brands with rich heritages. They also have rocky histories of being passed between owners, with BMW owning Land Rover and Ford owning Jaguar in the 1980s. On the verge of bankruptcy, Tata Motors bought the two British sister brands in 2008 and turned them into money makers. Unfortunately, things are getting gloomy for Jaguar and Land Rover once again.

This was a risky move for Tata, which bought two luxury brands with reputations for unreliability on the cusp of the financial crisis. In the following years, Tata was able to turn the brands into moneymakers with models like the Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Defender, and Jaguar XF.

Just as Jaguar and Land Rover found their footing they're again in trouble due to a drastically shrinking market in China and trouble in Europe. In turn, Tata Motor's credit rating has also taken a hit. Will Tata be able to turn around Jaguar and Land Rover or will it cut its losses?

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Why Jaguar And Land Rover Face Uncertain Futures

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Watching a video about things I can’t afford.

My typical youtube day.

Author — Aditya Dandwate


CNBC don’t know what they are Talking I live in the U.K. and every where I look there is a land rover/range rover/jaguar 😂🇬🇧🤷🏼‍♂️

Author — BestBmw 122


Tata has to be one of the best managed companies I’ve come across.

They’ve knocked it out of the park in almost every sector.

Author — KRM


I can't drive 4 blocks in Los Angeles without seeing 2-3 full-size Range Rovers, and God knows how many RR Sports and Evoques. Jaguar on the other hand... seldom seen.

Author — Glen Werline


"Cause they're endless money pits, " as Scotty Kilmer would say.

Author — David Reyes


Why miss the famous story that Why Tata bought these? Because Ford CEO laughed at Ratan Tata and the rest is history when Ratan Tata bought from Ford.

Author — Himanshu Sirohi


Ford was the cancer of all. Even volvos owned by ford in that era aren't the best, reliability wise

Author — Ruffas


Jaguar and RangeRover have great market in US, UK and especially The Desserts of MIDDLE EAST for their LANDROVER SUVs

Author — Jayvishwa Hiwase


If millenials aren't buying houses because of student debt, who expects them to be buying cars that cost just as much?

Author — Northwest Girl


Make them more reliable to the level of Toyotas and they will eat BMW's and Mercedes' lunch.

Author — swedesam


The problem is they’re stupidly expensive in the UK. People are fed up with paying their prices!

Author — Joshua Fuller


New car sales are down, not just for JLR!

Author — Vic H


1998 ford to tata - “Why did enter in passenger car business when you not knowing of. It will be huge favour if we buy this business from you”

Ratan tata felt insulted & didn’t sell it

10 years later
Ford to tata- “you’re doing huge favour by buying dying company jaguar from us”
10 years later

2018-jaguar Increased global sales 146 percent, from 252, 036 vehicles in 2008 to 621, 109 last year.

Author — Rishabh Sharma


A fly flutters in China, the whole world economy goes haywire.

Author — Pratik Sharma


I see that we have the usual comments that JLR products are “overpriced” and “unreliable.
Overpriced in relation to what? A Dacia? A Ford Focus? A Corolla? Compare an aluminium, bonded and riveted Jaguar XE, with a, comparatively archaic, pressed steel BMW 3 Series and BMW want every bit as much, or more.
The usual and predictable comments about reliability are often from those who’ve never owned one, or attempted to run a 15 year old one on a shoestring.
Just over 2 years and 70, 000 miles into Range Rover ownership and the reliability has been as good as the best cars I’ve ever owned before.

Author — John Hooker


Land Rover (Range Rover) have always been one of my favorite SUVS. luxury and such an amazing drive.

Far better than BMW and Mercedes. As for Jaguar same thing.

Recently got the Land Rover Discovery Sport and A Jaguar F-Type (S)., incredible cars.

The issue with the company as a whole is being competitive with mass production and distribution., something that even the biggest car makers in the world are challenged. Too bad Ford got them during the financial crisis, otherwise it would take off beyond means. Their brand speaks luxury and quality, something that Ford can take advantage of and invest in.

TATA thus far did a great job. and super correct - give them the money they need and let them be! they're great and innovative.

Author — Michael Beheshtaien


God help them, They are my favourite brands. 😢😢😢

Author — beginner's box


Because most people don't want cars that spend 3/4 of their lives on top of a mechanic's lift??

Just a thought.

Author —


I don't think a video like this should be posted without stating who the writer/editor/presenter were. Let's give out some credits here, shall we?

Author — Charlie Diggs


There's a saying in middle east "if you want to go to the desert go in a land rover if you want to come back from the desert go in a land cruiser"

Author — we rw