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Yes I said I was going to take a break from uploading but this opportunity came to me from Bernie to make a video for his last tune of the year, and my video's also...Check out my other videos I have done for illitheas over the past years..especially Moments with You, Last Forever, Alive, Shine and many others...and this one Levity is no exception..just magical work he does especially with his intro mixes...
I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Christmas and New Years, into 2018.

Illitheas comes back to Abora Skies to deliver a stunning single, 'Levity'.

'Levity' brings back the vibes of emotional and orchestral trance. With an introduction that blends powerful basslines with marvelous plucks and harmonies, Illitheas definitely shows that he is a master of his art by crafting a deep and melancholic breakdown, filled with lush strings and heavenly melody lines that reach new heights during the main climax.

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Worldwide - 1st Dec 2017

llitheas - Levity (Intro Mix)
Illitheas - Levity (Original Mix)
Illitheas - Levity (Radio Edit)

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Big thanks Lisa for this amazing vid! :)

Author — Abora Recordings


Very amazing video, thank you! :) I'm sure I'll use it on my 9. episode of "I Believe In Trance" ;)

Author — Zoltán Körmöndi


I'm Happy to see your channel showing again.. A wonderful new release video and track 'Intro mix' Great presentation video work December 1st.. perfect performed by Lisa..

Author — Dehazz andy


wonderful track and beautiful video as always !!!

Author — Star Trance


Beautiful and mesmerizing video Lisa! the soundtrack is awesome Illitheas. Compliment each other perfectly :-)

Author — Bennie Buys


Illitheas, genio ...trance divine ..sin palabras..beautiful maravillosa para gente encantadora...

Author — Yackob J.J.R


many things change but illitheas never change...😊
Amazing video trancedivine and wonderfull track illitheas.. 🤗

Author — Sound F


Wow, that was really fantastic, great job my friend...😜miles of smiles & happy landings...Reeka❤︎

Author — reekashade


Well what can I say you made the right choice, I love your Illitheas videos and im buying this one definately, thankyou Trance Divine.

Author — Daniel Squires aka Lost Era


Insane One! :) Thank You Lisa! You and B. made my day, this is just beyond Beautiful :)

Author — NastyNaxx


Incredible happiness and joy until you want to live <3

Author — Grzegorz Skwara


Thank you my friend Lisa TrancDivine, amazing video for this amazing track, happy New week 😊🎧🎼🎤🔊📻

Author — Evan M


Piece of art 🎶 once again from Bernie and beautiful video Lisa 👍

Author — Alex CORFU


impressive work as always by Bernie..glad to make a video for this one sweet Lis..wishing you always the best for the new year..take care ☺

Author — DjPolite


You gone and done it yet again Lisa, beautiful video and a belter of a track from Bernie 😀

Author — steve duncan


Oooh.such tremendous beauty..a track from the beyond, haha expected that from illitheas, ..and a beautiful video as well..Thanks a lot..

Author — marjan gillieron


excelente vídeo gracias y felicidades de verdad lo mereces bendiciones

Author — Trance of World


OMG Amazing track & magic video Lisa !!!! Thank you ! <3 <3

Author — florin leon


amazing video lisa perfect track and video :-)

Author — DjBeatmaster207


Both the video and song are Beautiful.

Author — Kenny Stedman