NiziU 『Make you happy』 M/V Teaser 1

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NiziU 『Make you happy』 M/V Teaser 1 5

Pre-Debut Digital Mini Album
『Make you happy』 M/V
2020.06.30 Tuesday 0:00 ON AIR

#NiziU #Makeyouhappy

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Cant believe I can officially say *”HERE SINCE BEFORE DEBUT “*

Author — Hunter


I'm just starting to learn Korean because of Twice, IU and BP and now, I will have to learn Japanese too. 😅😂

Author — ANYA KIM


Am I the only one who has been watching this over and over again?

Author — Chou Tzuyu


*GUYS REMINDER:* This is just a predebut and their debut is going to be in fall (late September to late December). This will give them so much hype so lets work hard for them to get recognize to other countries not just in Japan coz *why not?*

Author — Err no


01 Liner - Mako
'02 Liner - Rio, Maya, Riku
'03 Liner - Ayaka, Mayuka
'04 Liner - Rima, Miihi
'05 Liner - Nina

Author — sen abdulhamidi savundun


This girls will definitely make it big. JYP has never failed in girl groups. Will go back to this comment in a few years ☺️

Author — NashLee Chance


*Me:* Finally completed learning Korean. What a relief! Phew.

*JYP:* Debuts a Japanese girl group

*My Brain:* AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!!?

Author — Manjuri Maity



for those who don't know! this is niziu, a new girlgroup formed by jyp in a reality show similar to sixteen where girls competed to get a chance to debut. the auditions were held in japan, usa and korea, but the focus was mostly put in japan.

the final lineup was announced just a few days ago, and it consists of nine members. mako, riku, maya, miihi, rima, nina, mayuka, rio and ayaka.

they are meant to be a global girlgroup, but their promotions will mostly be in japan. this is their pre-debut mini album, which will consist of the four original songs they performed on the survival show, make you happy being the titletrack.

they will have their korean debut as well in november, with so much time for preparation, i can't imagine what they will bring to the table, but i am sure it will be an instant success. niziu has a bright future, let's cheer for them (。♡‿♡。)

Author — lukipants


I see no comment rooting on Ayaka... Here it is.
Please support her, she isn't a good singer nor a great dancer... But she's a hardworker and cute.

Author — Haro As


Maybe they will release it tomorrow? JULY 1 is International release.

Author — 케이라


The vibe of the mv looks like "likey" and "icy" mixed together

we stan sisters

Author — god zilla


Its pre debut guys not their official debut

Author — Minatozaki Sana Chewie


Что-то мне подсказывает, что Нина, это наша баба😹Если это так, то мы болеем за тебя, наша зайка❤

Author — Minsouk Kim


1 million in 10 hours!!! MONSTER ROOKIE. I know this group will be kaching kaching for jyp bcs japan’s market is huge and also they promote in korea and global

Author — sorfina


maybe this is a sign that i should now start learning japanese

Author — Alyssa Niones


For everybody who don't have get an information ( like me ). The song "NiziU - Make you happy" is NOW ONLINE on the YouTube channel from JYP Entertainment.

Author — Red Tiger Snake Germany


こんな天使たちがアイドルになりたいと思ってくれてNizi Project受けてくれたことに感謝だわ👼

Author — まるぱんだ


Watched them since training in Japan until they went to Korea to compete. Very talented young ladies! I hope they will be as successful as Twice ❤

Author — Kris A


I'm here since NIZI PROJECT
whos with me!?
Lets make them happy and will always support them!!!

Author — Firdaus Kresna Dewanto



Author — まり子チャッピー