How Loving v. Virginia Led to Legalized Interracial Marriage | History

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How Loving v. Virginia Led to Legalized Interracial Marriage | History 5

Learn about the landmark Supreme Court decision in Loving v. Virginia, which legalized interracial marriage in the United States.

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💬 Comments on the video

"Loving v. Virginia" is a great name for the Supreme Court case.

Author — Puff Dragon


It's so fortuitous that the couple is named Loving..

Author — Kitty mcPurr


Government has no rights to enter a private home like that, what a brave couple!

Author — Alexander


God created humans with different skin colors. We all bleed the same color. Smh

Author — A Cherished Gem


The best thing about the loving case was the fact that the power of love beat all the odds and won

Author — the boat


There couldn't have been a better couple for this fight..she was a soft spoken sweetheart of a good girl and he was a rough and tough guy who did masonry and raced cars..the Loving's resonated with everyone..cause you could absolutely see why they loved each other! Unfortunately he was stolen from us by a drunk driver!

Author — MissN Perfection


No government body nor any other person has a right to tell people who and who they can't love.

Author — へろ


Love has no colour.what a beautifull couple.

Author — ISRAEL Claudia


Thank you for such an informative video! I am truly grateful to Mildred and Richard Loving for having the courage and bravery to fight back against the state of Virginia when they were arrested for being in an interracial marriage! Loving v. Virginia redefined marriage in the United States. It allows couples like me and my fiancé to marry without the fear of being arrested or put in jail. Stand up for what you believe in and fight for it!!

Author — Jordan Agolli


“Prosecution?” Nope. This was “persecution.” I can hardly imagine this as a legal issue— and I’m grateful for that.

Author — Samantha Burton


Imagine being threatened to leave Virginia! 😂 bye! I’d be out so fast

Author — Sunshine & Raindrops


My grandmas cousins is Mildred before marriage jeter. I'm proud to be related and proud to be a American🇺🇸✊

Author — Renegade Red Pill


there name is loving. should have seen them coming and just let them be. it was a given- they were going to win.

Author — mayan ahmed


Thank you so much! This helped me on my Supreme court case project

Author — Omg_Itz_OCT 101


I'm glad things have changed! People should love and marry whoever they choose! As long as they Both are Happy Who cares!

Author — Tiffany Foster


Ladies and Gentlemen, imagine having to defend you marriage in front of the most powerful court in the world, and changing the meaning of the most powerful document in the world

Author — wv9mm


that's so beautiful i think I might cry

Author — Adaeze Onuoha


That happen where I’m from in Virginia 😁😁

Author — Kenneth Johnson


ACLU has always been on the right side of history. 👍

Author — Milhouse


Has there ever been a movie made of this because I think it would make a really great movie... romantic and filled with Justice

I love so strong that a law was Rewritten for them

Author — kevin4gwen