Pompe-O Wants To Go Home To Kansas

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Pompe-O Wants To Go Home To Kansas 5

Soon mister Adam man will issue him subpoena / Hearing come and I wanna go home. #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens

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i busted a gut laughing at this. It was definitely
worth it.

Author — Sir Freek


That was hilarious. Whoever created that needs a raise.

Author — Cindy Oser


Whoever writer and graphic designer made this, give them a bonus.

Author — Raey Hanah


God bless Stephen Colbert and his team. Without laughter, we would surely run mad in the face of all this corruption & hypocrisy

Author — Ananaia O'Leary


Watched this over and over. Priceless, accurate, and hilarious. They should use this as the intro to the impeachment trial

Author — 16watch


Kudos to the staff who made the clip, nice one..

Author — DJ MacTab


What’s disturbing is that there is more choreography in this clip than in the last three years of the trump administration.

Author — MatchstalkMan


I forwarded this one to a friend from work who likes Donald and believes that this impeachment is a political circus, and now he refuses to talk to me.
Like me, he can't get this tune and dance out of his head.
Blippin' brilliant!

Author — Mondo Shredder


This is the ONLY dancing you'll ever get out of Mike Pence!

Author — Crimson Halo


"Soon Mister Adam Man will issue him subpoena" - gets me every time. 😂

Author — cryptnick


Whoever he’s running against in Kansas has to use this in their ads. It would be epic.

Author — Dump Chump


Brilliant. Stephen is one of the few things getting us through this astonishing sh!tstorm of a presidency.

Author — Don Moore


It's sad to think, that the happiest Trump's ever looked is a photoshop gag.

Author — Rennis Tora


Laugh so hard started crying when they start dancing... wish Trump would watch this

Author — bhutheman Akuma


As a resident of Kansas I can honestly say that we DON’T want him here!!

Author — Chris Clevenger


Who else didn't see the shoulder dance coming.

Author — Anthony Chew


This is definitely top 10 of 2019! I watched it like 3 times and loved it every time😂

Author — Vuyiswa Nhlumayo


This should be song at his Senate rallies.

Author — Sue


This was both hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

Author — Tanisha Tanisha


Whenever writers get a great idea and end up creating something like this, I always wonder if they laugh as much as we do when they're putting it together!

Author — Sal Schifano