La Vie des Hommes / Ida / Celio - Franco & le T.P. O.K. Jazz 1986

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01:26 La Vie des Hommes (Franco)

24:53 Ida (Franco)

35:14 Celio (Franco)

Before the title track there is a small segment from La Vie et la Mort de Luambo Makiadi, in which he is designing the sleeve for the album and discussing it's content.

After the title track, there is an excerpt from an interview with 21:42 Dizzy Mandjeku (recorded 29-9-1992, Brussels), in which he remembers the sessions for this album.


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LUAMBO MAKIADI méritait vraiment l'appellation de "Grand maître".
Franco a vraiment fait honneur à la République du Zaïre. Il a hissé à lui seul ce pays à un niveau de célébrité et de reconnaissance internationale.

Author — Noel Aimé


J'adore cette belle mélodie. L'expérience du Grand maître Franco m'a rendu sage à travers ses paroles. Merci, le grand maître Franco inoubliable.

Author — dieumerci ndotoko


Here in Tanzania we had multiple bands which originated from Congo they also performed very well like Maquis du Zaire, OSS, Bana Africa etc there performance excelled very much compared to local bands like JUWATA, Mlimani Park Moro Jazz and so many others, with all these they could'nt reach Luambo but they tried there best.

Author — Eligius Ndunguru

Author of the greatest pieces of work by Franco; it is way better appreciated with a head set, u get the effects of the guitar riffs; i have to listen to this every morning before i bail and first thing when i return guy was a genius.

Author — Terry Ngwafor


J'étais encore petit quand mes grands-frères écoutaient cet album, j'étais encore élève à l'Ecole Masamba de Kasa-Vubu à Saio

Author — Patrick LELO DIMB'ETE.


aah oui notre adorable musicien Luambo Franco ! c'est bien vrai tout ce que tu ns disait à travers ta musique. 

Author — albertine djweya


the Franco-Madilu duet is superb. Madilu brought the sombre almost mournful mood brilliantly to match the theme of the song

Author — Laurian Omondi


If you don't understand Lingala, start learning with Youtube Videos by the Lingala Institute.
I am having fun learning and understanding more my favorite songs from Zaire/RDC. I have loved some of the songs for more than 40 years and now they make sense!
I use an online dictionary and it helps a lot.
Lingala is a very logical language. Start today with the videos.

Author — merveil3979


j'ai bien entendu ? Franco dit (en français ) dans l'interview à propos de la vie des hommes que:
une femme peut commettre 2 erreurs par an, et un homme ...7 erreurs !
je suis définitivement réconciliée avec tes chansons Franco (mème si la sagesse arrive tard dans tes chansons....)  LOL

Author — caroline nemabiama


"La vie des hommes" est la première chanson dans laquelle j'ai joué la guitare solo pour la première fois dans le TP OK JAZZ.

Author — Dizzy MANDJEKU


Franco My Mentor, I have learnt a lot from your music to a level that I now speak,  read, write and listen to Lingala. The most important thing in your music are the  truthful messages you share in your songs that brings about transformation and learning from our previous mistakes. Music should also be a learning platform for us through those who have got enough experience in real life. Franco has 100% this character in his music. Many thanks for what you done for us and I will continue to listen to your music until death. Balobi...!

Author — Amule Edward Taban


Missile ce morceau ! L'excellence même encore en 2019 et après encore ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩 ! Mimi les sables d'olonne 🐚 🐚

Author — M A 85


Just bought this record in a second hand store for 2 euros but I got no turntable so I'm happy I can hear it here and that the main song is a tribute to the courrage of women.

Long live Congo, Africa and its ever beautiful music!

Author — djbongout


It remember me at the time when I was child father listen most of Franco songs with joy and fillings, R.I.P my father Gilbert and Franco

Author — Dick Mugayo


J'ai beaucoup de souvenirs pour cette musique que ça me fait plaisir de l'écouter luambo makiadi l'un des monuments africains

Author — eric sossé


Waw Franco in Ida 32:55 calls out Loway the guy with saxophone. 'Loway lelelanga papa (cry for me) what a masterpiece.

Author — Francis Ndungu


repose en paix grand maître.. Tu me fais penser à mon défunt père 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 et mon enfance les années 80

Author — Kongo kin-brazza


Tout simplement magique!! Merci pour la sauvegarde de l histoire musical

Author — jj onyx


Franco and madilu the greatest of all time

Author — ken omweri


My very favorite! Thumbs up love you even in your death! You still live forever which in me through this song! I personally live within me through this song

Author — susan nkhoma