World of Warships- A Better Mainz & HMS Tiger

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Hey guys, today we go over the recent DevBlogs which include the addition of Weimer and Tiger '59, enjoy!

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No worries, they'll nerf the german ship eventually.

Author — Francois Levasseur


13:14 - I'm so psyched for that updated water impact shell splash effect which looks way more realistic with that delay before shooting the tall jet of water up into the air like IRL, rather than the current insta splash effect we get now where the jet of water shoots up the very instant the projectile touches the surface which is not how it happens. This new graphic looks so much better even just from the addition of that more realistic short delay before kicking up the tall water jet, like if you were to take a big ass boulder and heave it into the water it's the imploding air cavity behind the sinking rock that creates the upwards water jet and not so much the initial impact itself of the object onto the surface of the water.

Started watching YouTube content of the PS4 console version of WoWS called Legends or whatever, and was jealous right away when I saw how realistic the water impacts were in that version compared to what we get on PC. They've straight up taken that effect from Legends and just copied pasted it into the PC version now, which is gonna be dope plus the AA guns are going to be shown now blasting off with muzzle flashes along with the secondaries and mains... Sh*t's gonna get pretty sick me thinks, and hopefully all these constant fire and smoke sprites being added now all over every ship doesn't end up taxing everyone's framerates too badly. There's already something up when it comes to 3rd person spectating a friendly ship after you've already died for example, and the game and/or framerate starts stuttering right as a bunch of enemy HE shells start impacting the deck. Then at least for me just for a split second the game completely chokes and pauses on like 1 frame for a millisecond before returning to somewhat normal framerates again right as it's trying to animate all these HE shells exploding on a ship's deck at the same time as some fires get triggered on deck as well, and for some reason the combination of all the explosion/fire effect images in this game occurring all at the same instant taxes the hell out of the game. Either it's inherent to the way the game has been made and runs, or perhaps it's just my average gaming PC that's causing the stutters during moments of fire and multiple explosions going off.

I've also noticed an ever so slight but still noticeable stutter whenever I'm spectating ships as they get killed, something about that huge death explosion animation makes my game hitch up again just for that millisecond or two before returning back to normal. Hopefully this new doubling basically of little explosion animations going off every 2 seconds on everyone's ship in the match from the new addition of AA muzzle flashes isn't going to completely f*ck the game's ability to render smoothly even more.



The range and armor is a big concern. You don't have Yorcks 25mm armor plating and you lack the nice range of the Munchen and Yorck. Engine boost is not going to save this ship at medium to close range.

Author — ThomasR


Munchen exists and is a really good ship. It's already agile and has good concealment, reload, and torps.

Weimer sounds promising with more torps, like a DD torp set up, and all those consumables

Author — Omegawerewolfx


Fun fact tiger 59 is what the minotaur got developed in to. And it's a ship that actually existed

Author — robbe3334


HMS Tiger59 reminds me of a cruiser size Friesland

Author — Richard Neeley


I fear that they will make a full CL tree made of premium

Author — Nanchisan Nanchisan


The Weimar will be a glass cannon for short and medium ranges, wich will make it difficult to play in the current meta especially if you get up Tier battles. But i'm pretty sure WG will add some nerfs to the ship anyways.

Author — Arktos der böse Schneemann


4 guns, 3 flak clouds for AA? While other EU DDs have 4 guns with 5 to 6 flak clouds, logic? 12 guns at t7 with 5s reload? Mainz at t8 has 6s reload, another logic?

Author — Jimmy Pham


I would rather have the asymmetric warfare back

Author — Youyang Zhou


So they haven't fully ruled out the HMS Tiger (1913) as they have clearly named her Tiger '59, though given that the Battlecruiser Tiger was the last of the 13.5 inch BC's and Lion is already used for the T9 BB, that leaves the Queen Mary as the only one they can put in at T5 for a Battlecruiser line.

Author — Arivael


10:13 wait NO... Smolensk should have got the gale camo, Hindenburg get the Valkyrie camo, and Republique or gascogne get the Heracles camo

Author — Trent Riley


The new graphics update looks super cool especially the AA guns firing effects, to bad the balance department made the game to unbearable to enjoy.

Author — GhostRyder 2029


Give me Battlecruisers! please WG, it's a British thing. Great video as ever dude. Thanks

Author — Nathaniel Hulley


Have you heard anything about Italian commanders being placed in the armory for purchase??

Author — Charles Cook


Weimar will receive massive nerfs before release. More DPM than Mainz, about equal in DPM to Seattle, with 32 mm pen.

Author — Henry Moore


Just what World Of Warships needs... ANOTHER HE Spammer.

Incentives for teamwork
Sorting out the CCV Problem
Removing/adjusting the nonsense ships
Adding a game-style with ammo supply

These would improve the game
We have a new HE Spammer so all must be good in the Warships WG world.


Author — D D Jay


Still look at it this way Sealord, it still means we might get a RN Battleship BC line *fingers crossed*

Author — luketfer


Weimar has very short range and flat shell trajectory. Don't expect to be shooting over islands, but doing open water kiting while close to enemies. In division with a smoke DD, it might be very strong.

Author — Anthrax


I also got really excited for the battle cruiser Big sad.

Author — Christian Hill