Oculus Rift Devkit 2 (Unboxing)

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The unboxing of the Oculus Rift Devkit 2! It finally came! I'm so excited.

I've hooked it up and there are some things to note. The "audio cable" isn't an audio cable. It's a cable that attaches the camera to the headset.

I haven't tried the other pair of lenses because thus far, the attached set are fine for my eyes.


The cable setup is a little bit more complicated, but once hooked up, the final result is superior to the DK1. The way the cables are hooked up no longer binds you to a giant box. Instead, everything is done through a little connector on the cord and likely through the headset directly. There's so much more freedom with the DK2.

Also, the screen resolution is better. My biggest beef with the DK1 was it was hard to read fonts. I still notice the screen dooring (sadly) but it does seem better than before. Also, the "tube" effect has been minimized - which is really nice.

It's hard to find good demos which are compatible with the Dev Kit 2, but when I do, I'll make a video. I was able to get it to work despite my primary monitor only supporting 1050p. Desktop extension works, but for Unity demos, you need to create a shortcut of the .exe and add this to the command line:

-Adapter 1

Many thanks to cybereality on the Oculus forums for recommending this trick, as it's the only way I was able to get Unity demos to work.

On a sad note, it looks like the DK2 isn't 100% compatible with DK1 demos. Since there are a lot more of the former for the moment, this severely limits my game selection for demoing to you guys. I don't yet know if TriDef is affected, but will be giving that a shot very soon.

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Sent the game on Steam, I want to hear you cry.

Author — William Roush