Energy price cap to rise to £4,279 a year

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Energy regulator Ofgem has announced that from January 2023, the energy price cap will be raised to £4,279 per year.

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Is it me or does anyone else think OFGEM actually need to be investigated?
Ultimately this short fall is costing us more than surely building new energy sources

Author — mark dance


What is really going on in this world, because it feels like the mega rich are taking every little piece of our livelyhoods away. All seems calculated 😢

Author — jon mulgrew


And the energy companies record profits

Author — Dale Harlow


My family just cannot afford this. Even at £2500 we are close to having to choose 1 day with no heating or lighting every other day. We just can't afford to live like we were used to for years since WW2. This Tory government are succeeding in getting the lower classes to be just like they were in Victorian times. This is going to end in a revolution.

Author — Bill Bored


as many others in UK I HAVE HAD ENOUGH



Love it, " but somebody has to pay the difference, and that is the government through tax" which is our money anyway 😂🤣

Author — Matthew Stoyell


More proof that OFGEM works for the energy companies.

Author — Miller


A huge percentage of mps own shares in energy companies. So that explains why this is happening.

Author — David Cameron


'Typical usage' is a terrible metric ... just give it us in £/kWh

Author — Mark Gregory


We are being brought to our knees by design, there is a reason. The people must be broken before we will accept their great reset.

Author — stephen watson


Who spends that much per annum on energy? how is that going to help the majority of working people? UK power prices have tripled year-on-year from August 2020 (£36/MWh) to August 2021 (£107/MWh) – a jump of £71/MWh. The UK pays £263.99 per megawatt hour in August 2022 and it's still rising. It's around 8x the price it was in 2020...

Author — Steve Parker


Perhaps one of the first things that could be done is to ban the export of 18% of the UK Grid Generation Electricity to France and Belgium via the Interconnectors. Keeping the Europeans warm and toasty because the WEFEurotechnocats in the 4th Reich Commission decided to ban imports of cheap Russian fuel and energy at the expense of the blackouts that the UK Government have planned.

Author — Amfear Liathmor


We should all send an invoice for gas bills to the Tory mps! They make these choices. They are responsible for all of this mess

Author — Bad Art Tangent


Inflation is going to skyrocket next year. The UK shyt show goes on😂

Author — Bitcoin Zulu


1:53 "They fear that by giving people all this cash, it could fuel inflation" no money will be given to anyone, it's all going to go straight to the energy companies.

Author — Mr Muds


All of the UK's problems would be solved by property taxes, but the government won't do it because it would impact too many of their donors driving up house prices.

Author — Mal


How ridiculous is this. Everyone knows that when prices of fuel and food rise, they never go down in price, only up. Taxpayers money will be used forever.

Author — elaine pettis


No point working is there, average take home after tax 1800 pounds, mortgage 1000 pounds, bills and council tax 500 pounds food shop per month 300 pounds car running 100 pounds.disposable income.100 to 200 pounds basically why are people working 🤔🤔🤔

Author — Alek Marin


So where's the windfall taxes on energy companies?? Record profits at the public's expense/misery should not be happening. It's really time that governments, collectively the world over, stopped pandering to big businesses and offering them tax havens, etc. and make them all pay their fair share of taxes in the countries they supply goods, hire labour etc. Enough of this business of being more concerned with your shareholders pockets than the people who spend their hard earned money with your company.

Author — karon mcgregor


How do people manage to spend so much on energy bills, leave everything on all the time or what.

Author — PAS