BIZARRE Russian 12ga Shotgun slug using French Blondeau design - MUST SEE

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

There are no firearms in this video, the focus is on the projectiles.
Alexey from Russia surprised us and sent some Blondeau missiles that were made exactly like they were around 60 years ago. Since everyone asks us to try launching things backwards, we decided to try it with these with surprising results. Yes, they work just as well backwards as they do forwards.

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As an Aussie I got a great belly laugh from Geoff's reaction to the vegemite. It's definitely an acquired taste. We'd never eat it straight like that. It's best on hot buttered toast.

Author — Michael Streeter


Great video. The slugs were impressive. A damn shame about the range. Idiots will ruin a good thing every time huh. Keep up the good work

Author — William Duncan


After seeing all of the damage these things cause to objects, I can't even imagine getting hit by one.

Author — boomchacle


Sure I enjoyed the video. Especially the last part! Marmite and Vegemite tastes 100% horrible. Good work on the accelerator OG.

Author — Survival Russia


Use a small square of reflective tape on your target to get a laser dot to show up on camera. I have used this to laser bore sight my personal chemical propellant mass accelerators.

Author — mike50652


4:50 It looks like that Kevlar is being sucked into another dimension!

Author — psygn0sis


So many times some shooters make it hard on the rest of us. Great video guys. I own two shotguns, one is a 9mm bolt action that I inherited when I was 9 and the other is a Mossberg 500 I've bought close to 30 years ago and have never fired. It sits in a rack in my bedroom closet. I do all my shooting at an indoor range that is pistol only. I am a patron and always enjoy your videos, entertaining and instructive. Thanks.

Author — Jerry K


OG and Jeff Thank you for another fun video. I really would have loved to see those tried on the lead plate, or some other hard target. Great job guys!

Author — Larry Thompson


Awesome video. Loved it - as well as the slug design.
It was fascinating to see that both the heavy head forward and backward work so similarly.
This supports your comments - in past videos - on the shock wave stabilizing effect.
As for the wild bore that got hit with this thing - not sure you will have much to eat... (not to mention it's not going anywhere... unlike some movies where the hero gets shot and after limping a bit - continues running/as usual). The water melon and new clear gel shots were amazing!!!
Very impressive work with that accelerator and cameras - always shocking to see how "simple" it looks in the real time and complex behavior in the slow motion.

Author — smallathe


Thanks for another great video, they're always entertaining and more informative an one might expect!

It sux that this facility won't be used anymore, it has been a great facility.

Author — Ryan Smith


I just want to say I think you guys are awesome! I really enjoy how informative your ballistics tests are, and I get a kick out of your antics. One of these days I’m going to have to post a few of my own “ballistics test“ videos.😄
Keep being awesome!

Author — Falc0n215


Awesome stuff Jeff. You, OG, and Danny are the best. Love the videos.

Author — nate k


It's a 73 cal. Wad cutter. They fly the straightest, and have great consistency in .177 and .22 cal. Through a smooth bore. But even in those small calibers. The damage is awesome. They release almost all their energy just past initial penetration. Blows huge holes in meat. Slow it down a bit. You might be more impressed with the damage and accuracy

Author — Squirrel Chaser


Thanks guys! Saw the blondeau slugs in a gun magazine many, many years ago. So I was very interested in your test of the Russian redux.

What? No Russian ballistics gel?! Hah hah

All the folks in front of and behind the cameras at Taofledermaus seem so nice and like able but it IS always a treat when OG Officer Greg shows up and brings his finger. Hah hah!

Author — Mike Walters


We had the exact same issue with a local sand pit that was kind enough to let people shoot. People would leave all kinds of trash behind, and some jerks ended up shooting some of the equipment, so they ruined it for everyone else.

Author — DC Rogers


Bloomturd memorial range, I laughed for 10 minutes.

Author — trgtdron


Perhaps contact the property owner/owners and tell them your shooters but would like to have permission to clean there property in exchange for range use.

May end up with your very own private Mass projectile range

Author — Keith Clark


I have 9mm and .410 mass accelerators and I've tried all kinds of shot shell modifications like pouring wax in with the shot and making my own slugs. The Winchester slugs go through steel and aluminum plates no problem. I can't believe how much power something as small as a .410 slug has. Perfect for bear prevention in these parts.

Author — Panther Platform


The way the vest plate deformed at 4:53 was amazing. Even though the plate "Stopped the slug" it would certainly be fetal. Imagine having your armor plate pushed through you. Gruesome...

Author — cyrosgold7


I think the soft lead rings are spinning on the projectile in the barrel. Perhaps if they were keyed, you'd get better rotation?

Author — Jafromobile