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Ross Kemp In Search of Somali Pirates - Piracy in Somalia | Ross Kemp Extreme World 4.5

For nearly 200 years the international piracy trade has flourished meaning insurance premiums have increased as well as the overall cost of goods being shipped overseas. The world has three piracy hotspots and now Ross is climbing aboard the HMS Northumberland to go in search of modern day Somali pirates in Somalia. Whilst patrolling, he looks to discover why piracy is on the increase, how it threatens global trade and the lives of mariners and also what's being done to stop it.

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I feel like it would be far more cost effective to just put armed security on cargo ships

Author — MagicalFrame9


I watched 44 mins of a documentary that didn’t catch a single pirate

Author — Owen Chesla


Alright boys closing in on target...

Fisherman: Look at this giant tuna I caught :D

Navy: God dammit false alarm...

Author — Cognetus Melienius


36:11 - "How frustrating is that then?"
"F***ing frustrating"
"Roger that"

Author — Daniel Ah Koy


ross: the Americans are on their way but we will arrive first

ross: the Americans got their first and we are turning around lol

Author — Anthony Frye


Just wait till they accidentally attempt to raid a warship 😂😂😂😂

Author — Nathan Blake


"they are big Arsenal that explains a lot

Author — Alejandro Sudiro


You've got to be incredibly desperate to escape from Somalia to war-torn Yemen

Author — Nachuak


"We need to stop putting garbage into our oceans!"

Marines: *Casually dropping explosive warheads into the ocean*

Author — OperatorAcog


Where are the russians when you need them

Author — GeneralJoemalia


35:38 This dude literally just used 1 and B to separate 2 different reasons

Author — Robo Monkey


All that fancy equipment and they can't get an interpreter lmao

Author — ArduinoBen


Yeah yeah "chasing Tuna" requires you to signal a cargo ship to slow down, since tuna hunt cargo ships.

Author — Khobotov


I came to here to watch Joe Rogan wear that army helmet.

Author — R T.


I've heard an AK is cheaper than a glass of water in Somalia.

Edit: After many comments correcting me, I'd like to say that I apologize for my confusion on this matter. I simply heard that this was the case. I even saw a Ted Talk about it where a woman from Somalia (I think) talked about how this was a problem. Perhaps I misunderstood that Ted Talk. I probably saw it over three years ago.
It would seem there is no shortage of water in Somalia. If so, that's good. I don't *want* my original statement to be true. I'm not a sadist.

Author — WALN Zell


Ross: How frustrating is that then?
Pilot: Fvcking frustrating!
Ross: Yeah, Roger that.

Author — Karlculated


Captain: "We're sailing out to hunt pirates"
Also Captain: "We can't attack the vessel that's being raided by pirates"

Author — Alaa A.H


how about they get a ship that looks easy to rob and just have marines on it.

Author — Byron Simpson


UK bureaucracy is insane! 3 levels of permission vs having discretion at the commanders level.

Author — Наука Гuy


My wife's brother (they are Ukranian) is a part of a large Ukrainian agency that specializes in recruiting ex-spetznaz and other ex-special forces individuals from all over the world for the purpose of defending cargo ships, oil tankers, off-shore rigs, etc. He makes about 6-8K USD a month but works only for half a year, but he is not in it for the money. He says they sometimes have to face pirates as often as several times a day, particularly when travelling along the Saudi Peninsula and African shores. The skifs make it out as far as 400km into the ocean which makes no place safe. Typically they would wait until the combatants come REALLY close to the ship and open fire with intent to kill. No questions, no warning shots, they just decimate them with whatever they have available, which is typically large-caliber machine guns and sniper rifles. The military ships assigned to defend the waters are never there on time. It just doesnt work that way. The frustration seen in the UK soldiers depicted in this documentary is very real. Although you may think: "What the fuck, why dont they take the pirates out and free the hostages... all that firepower and taxpayer dollars wasted" Its never like that. The expected casualty rate is 100% for the crew if a pirated ship is assaulted by marines. Those firehoses and whatnot do fuckall as a deterrent. Pirates will sometimes fire rockets at oil tankers if they become frustrated, you can only imagine what that can result in. Oil+RPG=big bada boom. One thing you have to understand is that these pirates, they have absolutely nothing to lose. More often than not they are forced to do this, their familyused as leverage - you dont do this for us, we kill your family. They often have no choice. One time, he says, they were attacked by 3 skifs in plane view of a US warship. The pirates were all killed but this just shows you the desperation of these poor fucking people. This is so incredibly sad, more than anything.

Author — Вован