OneNote and SharePoint for Team Knowledge Base

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SharePoint can hold a OneNote notebook for a team to work on, and for others to consume. OneNote can be used to build a knowledge base.

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I really liked the video. I'll try to manage the best I can with earlier version on SharePoint.

Author — Monica


Informative video, thanks for posting.

I'm currently updating my company's IT department's documentation, and it's a mess. Files are scattered everywhere, filenames are wrong, new documentation was made when the old one should have been updated, etc. Essentially, I'm looking to build a knowledgebase.

However, I'm really not looking forward to the actual building part of building a knowledgebase. It would only be for IT staff, not for users. We already have Office365 licenses so that saves several steps and a bunch of money. I could make a team site, use OneNote Online to make the pages, guides, manuals, etc, and then share the site with all relevant users. You mention in the description that this can be used for that purpose, but would you recommend it over other (paid) alternatives?

If so, I'm pretty optimistic about this as a solution to keep all documentation centralized and updated.

Author — Raziel Cruentus


Most of us are now using OneNote inside the Teams platform and not SharePoint proper. Plus, the desktop version is not being used.

Author — Jefferson Martin


Useless! These theoretical scenarios are well... useless. In real life, things happen a different way. Workflow is absolutely different. Not to mention that in 90% of all cases the "first input" came from a good old supper abused and misused EMAIL!. So if you MS evangelist want to make MS sh** useful start from there!

Author — Abraka Dabra