Ta Chey Rakaro Peghor Da Ghareebai - Osama Sakhi 2020 Full HD Song

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That Beautifull Song...Thanks Osama Sakhi!!!

Author — Eddy morenna mettal morenna


Mola salamat rakhay brother 👍❤️💯❤️❤️♥️❤️💞❤️❤️♥️

Author — Farhat Abbas


Allah Ke Pass jaaoge To Kya bologe Ki Main zindagi Mein gane Gaye soo sad😥

Author — Urdu Hindi Ghazal


Mara hkoly alak ye da jenako da adatona preda bad hkari

Author — sumbal Khan


THINGS to all my friends ♥❤❤❤❤❤❤♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Author — Amir Afridi


Da zam gane da Osama sakhi za Amir yam o sata manana 6 ta hokolyi wawela

Author — Zabihullah Habibi


نجیب ستا لیوان دا اسامه سخی💔💖💗💝💘💟💔♥️💘💝💖💗

Author — آذاد آقاه


Dear all,
I have been in Pakistan for several years and am impressed by the humble and friendly people there.
At the same time, there is no enough education to avoid the challenges of the end of time.
The biggest one (after terrorism) is the nudity and the vicious entertainment).
Unfortunately, your life and efforts have been spent in the negative side of the life.
Like every other creature, we all will be consumed a day and our soul will return to the God (from where we came).
Surely, there will be no excuse (other than making money) to legitimize such activities.
As a brother in humanity, my family is begging you to rethink about your eternal life.
Once you take the right decision, the creator will open new doors to you.
Feel free to let me know what I maybe able to do.

Hashim Nazarwal

Toronto Canada

Author — H N