How to Store American Silver Eagles!

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In this video we talk about the different ways out there to store your 1oz American Silver Eagles!

Do you stack alot of Silver Eagles? We you wondering the right way to store them to keep them from toning? This video will hopefully answer all of the questions you have!

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I love your attention to detail regarding each type and kind of storage method and showing the littleton book as well! I have a few of those and the information you shared is good to be aware of

I appreciate you showing all the options out there also with pros and cons each and mentioning price point roughly for each as well. The next video, I would appreciate seeing “how” you store these options, thoughts on cardboard flips with non PVC?

Author — magiceddie88


Interesting how each year toned differently, despite the same amount of air getting to them. Even though they are all .999, it would appear that the .001 difference indicates slightly different impurities, and therefor different sources for the silver. The one with all of the rainbow hues looked like that .001 was mostly copper.

Author — D.A. Hänks


I have the Littleton album as well, and the same thing happened to my Eagles that I started collecting in the 80's & 90's, I started collecting up again in the last 10 years and considering to switch out to a different storage method or even another type of album.

Author — Mr1MOA


I used to put them in the individual plastic casings for each eagle. But it's actually not ideal because the casings require a lot more space and costs more than 5 dollar tubes. Tubes are my go to storage for these coins

Author — AlternateAlternative


So, toning on silver in a SHTF situation really doesn’t matter. But there is also the possibility you might be transacting with your silver in a normal environment. Planning for that possibility also makes sense, so the info here is great! Thank you sir.
I like to keep some constitutional silver, a couple ASEs, and a bar out on my desk so I can touch silver. But the rest I try to store clean and dry. I don’t need to look at all of them if I can hold a few.

Author — ThinkingOutLoud


I've tried storing them in flips, air-tite capsules, and mint tubes. I prefer BU condition but despite my desire for beautiful coins, I still think mint tubes are the way to go. They take up a lot less space in mint tubes.

Author — Silver_ Sparkleshot


Im a stacker but have converted into a slight collector but only at stacking prices. Keeps it fun and not feeling like im overpaying!

Author — Brandon Spiesman


Your video was helpful for me because I only have a small collection so far and have several various size coins which makes it kinda difficult protecting them well enough.
I like the Air-Tites fit but was concerned about removing a coin when I choose to submit any for grading.

Thanks for super informative video.

Author — Everett White


I am very new to this but I saw a silver eagle and it looks awesome and I love to collect them I’m 53 and just started thanks for all info! I already purchased a fake and was very disheartening but I love the look of these coins!

Author — Necromancer68


Great informational video. I have a complete set which I store in individual plastic containers not 2x2. No toning on any of them, still look like the day I put them in.

Author — Terry Wright


Great info video. I hate albums plus it takes up too much space in my safe. It’s just best, I think, to put the first 20 years of the Eagles in a mint tube and the next 20 years in another mint tube. This will save you money and storage space in your safe. Mint tubes can be had on eBay for $3 to $4 each.

Author — Toccoa Coin Shop


Great video! My ASEs are stored in the U.S. Mint tubes. These tubes seem rugged, and seal fairly tightly. However, I noticed 2 tubes were shorter than the rest, and were not sealing completely. Has anyone else run into this?

Author — John H.


I plan to do a similar video like this. Probably will do one in 2021 then 2 more (one in 2030 and one in 2040) to show different forms of storage methods. The follow ups will showcase how well each method does at anti-tarnish preservation.

Author — T Money


Thank you for the information, I was just starting to look at the best way to store silver. I don't have any ASE's - yet - but will keep this in mind!

Author — Sparkle Flair


I use polypropylene bags for cards like teambags then store everything in a weather proof storage box thats gasket sealed and waterproof! The boxes aren’t cheap but man do they keep everything you store in them pristine.

Author — Tyler Fortin


Thanks Seeker, great vid! I recently started buying RCM Tubes, for my Maple Leafs & a few capsule tubes. Take care!🍻👊

Author — Canadian Ryan


I unpackage all my bullion.. I like to handle my metals from time to time. It's still silver and gold.

Author — Slavik Riov


I've had coins tarnish in the tubes also. Only use air tight capsules now. Order in packs of 25 for $12 at amazon

Author — Tony A


Ever notice some of the ASE mint tubes are too short and the lid doesn’t seal well at all? I just picked up several tubes of 2007 ASEs and every tube was too short and the lid wouldn’t seal. Have you seen that?

Author — Vertical Stacker


I have 3 sets of AE, 1986 to 2022 in Dansco Albums in fact I had to add a page to each album as the 2021 "New Type" AE filled the last hole. I purchased a used 4 page Dansco album then flipped the page backward so the date don't show, I added one page to each album and then added my 2022's. I keep each album in 2 large zip tight bags. I zip them almost closed, pull a vacuum then zip closed. My sets are not yet doing as you pictured, that's called "album" toning.😀 I have a "date set" of "BU" Morgan silver dollars, a full set (every mint/date) of "BU" Peace silver dollars, Eisenhower's, "Non BU" but close, Walking liberty half's and "BU" Franklin Half's. All in Dansco albums and stored the same as my Eagles, no toning. My tubes of Eagles are taped shut as are my many 1964 Kennedy, walkers, franklin tubes. AS for the air tites, as I call them if you search around on EBAY and buy in quantity you can get them around .30 to .35 cents each. I like them as you can handle the exceptionally nice Morgan's/Eagles/Walkers easily.

Author — THG Driver