US overtakes Italy in total coronavirus cases

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US overtakes Italy in total coronavirus cases 4

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta reacts to the news that the United States now has more coronavirus cases reported than any other country in the world. #CNN #News

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Did Trump say we would be "sick of winning" or "winning at sick"?

Author — B


I live in South Korea I've seen the hard-hit of Covid 19 in this country. Korea is the size of Iowa it's true, No way to compare it to the states but, trust me it just needs the committee working together,
Abiding by the rules by staying home, keeping your hands clean, wear your mask if you go out for necessity and this mess will go away soon. Now life in Korea is getting back to normal. People are out enjoying the warm spring. I even hear the construction noise from my window now, two weeks ago there wasn't any. This pandemic crushes the economy which is sucks but, just stay calm and safe, don't panic and everything will be alright soon. God bless you all.

Author — English Gate


Trump: we're NUMBER ONE! we're winning all over the place! even in the Covid-19 cases. Jeez!

Author — Stephanie S


Didn’t some idiot say that we would go from 15 to zero in no time ?? 🤔

Author — G- Field


Is that Jim Parsons being interviewed at the end? 🤔

Author — LiliRoyalty


America every state should do a shutdown and only the Dr should do press conferences, not Trump, because he lies 99.9% of the time.

Author — karabo sereme


We dont wanna be winning in that category...

Author — Michael Tarver


"make america GREAT again!"
So this is what it means huh. Leading the world in terms of unable to handle the pandemic despite being the "strongest" nation in the world

Author — Bella Wu


My dear American brothers and sisters! I would like you to know that love and respect of Croatian people are with you. Stay brave as always, keep your spirit and this bad times will pass. The sun will rise again. Love you all from Croatia!!

Author — Luka Cvenic


Tommorow they will surpass china
1st world countries.. Breaking records wow 👏

Author — JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON


Treasonous Trump:
- 15 cases: Within a couple of days, it'll be close to zero.
- 9, 000 cases: It's a war. I'm a wartime president!
- 80, 000 cases: We're safe. Let's reopen America.

Author — bobmatzke


Trump failed his people. Failed to prevent the virus from spreading

Author — Ynamorata Tryna


Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel, is a train coming straight at us!
Stay safe, STAY HOME, and stay healthy! ✌️💜😷🇺🇲

Author — Suzy Q


"We are doing great and fighting the virus more than any country around the globe" and now it spreads more than a deception Mr trumph.

Author — Ibrahim Adam


The US should have started prepping in mid January and making orders for essentials in Feb!

Author — Chris Bradley



US: This is fine

Author — ImMrGoga


Whaaat? But Dear leader told me it was a Democrat hoax! And I just hugged Gramma?

Author — Doug Lowe


0:24 I don't think 80, 837 and 81, 782 look this different ...

Author — Akshun Dubey


Only wearing a mask and letting down pride and prejudice can save your life!

Author — 田中理恵


The incompetent, corrupt, impeached liar in chief is driving some people to the grave!! 😨😡😠😠

Author — John Wood