Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019 final highlights

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Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019 final highlights 5

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He didn't crush Federer but he crushed the arrogant British crowd.

Author — CMJ


Man, Djoker must have ice water running thru those veins! INCREDIBLE

Author — 2028 END


Pure mental strength from Djokovic! A true warrior doesn't need anyone but himself to defeat his opponents. This man doesn't get the credit he deserves. 👊🏿

Author — ranks 1975


Very gracious of Djokovic to celebrate with a smirk at the miserable crowd when all they deserved was a middle finger!

Author — Mic Arsenijevic


I watched the full match but still cant understand how djokovic won this.. how strong his mentality is

Author — 최주형


One against the world, winner against losers. Born to be a Serb.

Author — Milos Obrenovic


There was not a single English Gentleman in that crowd, Those people know how to create an enemy. I am glad Djokovic won.

Author — corsair expanse


Federer fan here. Got to say, this match proves why Djokovic is number 1. Respect to him.

Author — MrA16 Music


Who is here after Djokovic again win Federer at AO 2020?

Author — duka ivan


Federer actually played the best tennis this tournament, but somehow Djokovic clutched it yet again. Djokovic is the best, they have to make a movie about his life.

Author — Reebul 87


Smile on the end saying probably Nole was thinking "Jebo Sam vam kevu, i vama i ovome"😂😂😂

Author — Slobodan Petrovic


I feel sorry for Federer's lose, but I feel satisfied that Djokovic slapped the Federer's fans in the centre court.
They showed no respect to Djokovic during the game.

Author — Jack Li


This match was longer than the entire woman’s tournament.

Author — Archangel Tyrael


"It's the end when Novak says so" said commentator on the Serbian TV when Novak saved the second match point

Author — Mirko Đukić


I was slightly devastated after I found out fed lost this

Author — KDBBM


Djokovics facial expression after winning it says it all... It wasn't self satisfaction from winning but more like satisfaction from an enemy losing... The enemy being the crowd and all his haters

Author — Skywalker


I am not a djokovic fan. Rafa actually. And i dont hate federer. Of course i respect. However, i always have a personality to support the less supported by spectators there. If this was in Belgrade, for sure i could have supported federer. 😅 wonderful match, wonderful play. Well done both. Congrats novak. I was happy to see those sassy british spectators shocked😆

Author — Evren Çağın


I'm a huge Federer fan but I would be stupid not to appreciate Novak's mental game. Dude had everything and basically everyone against him but still managed to pull it off.

Author — Hasan Haque


I wouldnt care about who is gonna win this (pete sampras fan), but after watching this arrogant crowd rooting only for Roger I was happy that Novak won! :)

Author — Ioannis


Why crowd cheering Federer only? Don't understand.. Isn't it open in ENGLAND ??? So call GENTLEMEN'S country?? I think it's NOT! Stupid. Congrats to

Author — K Big