My Geek Box | August 2020 | Unboxing

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Hey Dudes and Dudettes,

Welcome to my unboxing for My Geek Box for August 2020 thanks to the amazing team at My Geek Box😊

My Geek box prices start from £19.99.

For £5 of your first box use code ‘GLEN-R1B’ or follow the link below.

As always, much love,

And until next time stay awesome.
Glen aka The Geeky Heathen.

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00:00 - What time is it.
00:31 - Waz Up.
01:14 - Dragon Sword.
01:24 - What's in the Box.
01:15 - Quick recap.
01:38 - Pricing and thoughts.
15:02 - Q of the day.

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💬 Comments

There’s something very funny about seeing you confused 😂 I don’t mind the stackers but wouldn’t rush to get them. Favourite item is the Wolverine but the graphic novel is great. Definitely good value once again, May gave it a 👍🏻

Author — The Pop Tart


The T-shirt is awesome and thank the lord, it isn't black!

I think I'd be the same with the Chubby... Initially wouldn't be that impressed but would end up loving it 😂

Great box Id say!

Author — Chris Bell


I liked that box. The stacker thingies were cool enough great value for money

Author — Bearded Geek Reviews


I love the mighty mugs. Payeton has the deadpool one and every night while she brushing her teeth I change its face to wind her up and see how long it takes her to realise!😂
Not a terrible box but not one for me! 😂

Author — Jess & Payeton


Cool video, dude! Some interesting items there 😄👍

Author — Nik Tyrrell


Some pretty cool stuff, tho the stackers confuse me, I do like the jabba figure, if I had it I'd probably just keep jabba throw out the other 2 XD

Author — Justin/ FyrbornXTG5000


i kinda like the Star Wars Chubby set, although i don't know why they put feet on Bib Fortuna and Salacious B. Crumb when they could've designed them without feet to fit inside Jabba properly.

Author — kantami


Not a bad box, those stackers are weird, never seen them before, not sure how I feel about them. All other items were decent, better than some other recent boxes which will remain nameless.

Author — McDougal Strudel


Its almost like with those stackers if Salicious Crumb did open you could store the feet in there

Author — David Ruggeri


Those star wars chubby figures are a tad strange! Tshirt is probably the winner in my opinion. great design

Author — Nally Pops!


i was a little bit conused when i recieved the chubbys but tbh i think it will be another thing my daughter will play with i am also not a big an on the white t shirts unfortunatley 4 me this months box was more 4 my fiance as it is stuff he likes but i cant complain lets hope next month for my birthday there something exciting 4 me x

Author — samantha Gransden


The earlier versions of chubbys are far better . But seems like the 4 for 20 stock from zavvi clearout lol.

Author — Colin Sellars


Amazing Unboxing Have a Magical Friday



I think thsoe chubbi's are the same things that i have. Got the Jango/Boba Fett Mine had magnetic feet so not sure why your's don't. Still great first item.

Not keen on mighty muggs. Flag thing is ok but not played elder scrolls. Shame you already got the novel. I agree with you about the T shirt. some t-shirts work well in white but i think those look better in blue or black.

All in all, even though not much i would want myself, i think this was a good box. Value seems to be there for sure.

Author — Not Suitable For Mum


100% better than Z Box this

Author — Mrkookie777


Glen put down the star wars stackables it says 5 plus your too young will the feet not go into jabber before the others.
when seen t shirt i thought what you said, the t shirt haynes black version sim picture for £9
but one the cheaper white t shirt which is the lowest price ones you can buy shown on ebay with a design for 8 pound delivered
i would not go more than £10 for t shirt there are so many offers for them for much less ever a £5 or from zavvi 10 for £20 and when you look on ebay you can get more impressive designs for close to £10.

Author — David's World