How to Use the Park Tool TM-1 Tension Meter & Wheel Tension App

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

This video will walk you through the process of using the Park Tool Wheel Tension App in conjunction with the TM-1 Tension Meter.

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The WTA is a web-based tool that will produce spreadsheets and a visual diagram to help analyze relative tension between spokes. It is useful for achieving consistent spoke tension, diagnosing wheel tension issues or documenting wheel truing results.

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This is brilliant, thank you so much!
Splendid video to understand the use of both the tool and the WTA.
So very detailed, yet easy to understand for the apt amateur to maintain wheels.
The WTA not only simplifies the work with the TM-1, the analysis, documentational and archive functions are ingenious!
Great tools, great service!

Author — Nik Veldkamp


EXEPTIONAL Video, Great and fluent speaker, a very instructive and professional explanationTHANKS

Author — Dan Arditi


Extremely helpful! Amazing how our local shops are oblivious to proper when truing and tensioning skills. Thanks!

Author — Kenn Sanders


One additional "marking" step would be to have the wheel in the stand, rotate the wheel, and mark the spoke measurement location on both sides for consistency.

Author — laurenoe


How the hell was this posted five years ago and I'm just now finding out about it? This should have been the pilot episode for its own season on NBC! It should have been shouted from the rooftops in every corner of the globe! Girlfriends/boyfriends should be sending cards saying thankyou for the return of their loved ones from the garage! The Presidential Medal of Freedom should be considered!

Park Tool is a goddamned national treasure, some of your stuff may be a little pricey but I'm all in because of stuff like this! Keep it up!

Author — Ryen Schimerman


5:38. You can't just change the spoke tension like half a turn for the entire wheel to get it in range. You WILL put your wheel out of true. It's much more complex than that.
You might think that doing this won't do anything to the trueness of your wheel but it will.

There's not only lateral trueness (left and right), but radial trueness (ie. if the wheel has a bulge in it). You also have to consider that the hubs on bike wheels are not perfectly centered, especially on bikes with disc brakes and back wheels (because of the cassette).

So if you loosen all your spokes even 1/4 of a turn, you will warp your wheel.

Author — Hugo Burton


How do people dislike this? Great idea. Great for wheelbuilders.

Let's be honest, the tool ain't cheap so this whole thing goes a long way to adding value to the process. Thanks.

Author — Dave Eastcott


Great insight thanks. However I would like an example where spokes crosses each other, we always get these demos with almost no overlap between spokes. In my experience measuring spoke tension gets way more complicated when spokes overlaps/touches each other

Author — Bo Eugen Gyring


I feel like every time I turn to youtube for bike repair insight I end up on a Park video of Calvin. Well done as always.

Author — Brandon Bender


I'm a newcomer to this aspect of bike maintenance. Thank you for creating products and the presentation of know-how to use them. With your good intentions, bicycling and the ownership/maintenance thereof are so much better appreciated.

Author — Chris Powell


wow. Calvin, this is an excellent video. i am motivated to learn how to build wheels now. all i need is money for the tools ! for now, it's a spoke wrench, a wish, and a prayer every time i true a wheel. i do a pay what you can neighbourhood bike mechanic thing. i even wash every bike before i return it to the customer and do full tuneups, even if they just need a new tube. i get parts at cost from my local shop and pass the savings along ! I love bikes and my neighbourhood!

Author — j en


Amazing tool, thank you so much ParkTool. I've use it for first time on by race bikes rear wheel. The spokes were creaking and loosed its tension. Its fanastic what the tool did to the wheel. Now with your tool i made the wheel like its just came out from the factory. Before i used only spoke wrench, testing the spokes with the fingers. As a result spokes were never perfect. But now they are fine tuned. Thank you!

Author — Alex L


Great Video! I am still slightly confused as to the tension on one side of the rim vs the other. why would the load not be evenly distributed between left and right side? Thanks for these videos !!!

Author — Frosty0_0


Extremely high quality information and delivery. Thanks!

Author — Matt Dion


this is one of the most informative videos on fixing wheel spoke issues ive ever watched! i should watch more park tool videos..

Author — TheGreenMachine


I love the way you teach Calvin and your voice as well ! Thanks a lot ! It took me ages to understand wheel Tension and with this video, i feel like less stupid than before

Author — Uke ré


A cheap and easy way to do the same, is to bang the spoke lightly with a metal tool, and then listen! If the tension is the same for all spokes, and the wheel is correctly sat up with no going up and down, or to the side - it will give the same sound.

Author — Finn Carl Bomholt Sørensen


Great video. But in terms of mm., what is the limit of acceptable out of round for a 26 in. wheel?

Author — Bert


Just purchased a TM-1, very glad I found this youtube video. The online Park Tools URL app is an excellent free resource, customers can hold bike shops to accountability. This is a simple java script, there's alot of s/w that can d/l this script, then you can convert it into android through an app porting utility. If you're working on the same rim all the time, perform the spec once, print it out and just use excel with a simple multiplication formula. I'll be fabricating my own truing stand with dial gauges instead of eyeballing the gap with typical store bought units. If Park's TS2.2 was at least 35% cheaper I'd buy it, however my higher precision DYI stand will be under $150 all in (3 dial gauges, angle steel, hardware, 2 hrs labor).

Author — seravenerdi


You mentioned that all steel spokes are magnetic, and you included stainless steel. Now, I don't know what stainless alloy is used in spokes, but many common alloys of stainless steel are considered non-magnetic. Type 304 and 316 are common alloys that have such a slight response to magnetic fields, they are considered non-magnetic.

Author — elroy sparta