What John Bolton's departure means for American foreign policy

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What John Bolton's departure means for American foreign policy 5
Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss John Bolton's ousting as National Security Advisor.

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"Hawkish neocon" "nationalist hawk" "extremely hawkish" "extraordinarily hawkish"

The term you were looking for is "war criminal"

Author — Zaki Choudhary


Saagar gives Trump way to much credit . That somehow all these resignations and firings was Trump learning the job.

Author — Progressive Blue State


John Bolton's exit is a good thing for sure, if Trump would fire himself that would be a good thing too.

Author — Mijemu mijemu


Did Saagar just say that there is nothing wrong about Bolton wanting to blow away America's enemies?

Author — yawakoben


saagar bs about drumpf at best it's laughable at worst it's disgusting defending drumpf

Author — Rob López


Isn't Saagar a protoge of Tucker Carlson? Tucker calls Bolton a neocon all the time. Why the semantics game to defend a deplorable National Security adviser?

Author — TCt83067695


I'm sorry but Saagar is on drugs. EVERYBODY who was paying attention knew that Bolton loved any war, so Trump, if he knew what he was doing should have known that and would never have hired him if he was actually against war. Trump's not learning on the job. Trump just doesn't know what he's doing.

Author — 50jakecs


i don't know what john bolton's departure means for americans, but i know there was a big, collective sigh of relief when we found out the one-man, war-clusterfuck was gone

Author — porculizador


Saajar being way to kind to Trump here. Trump picked Bolton BECAUSE he is a NEO CON. Bolton was on Fox News for years calling Obama weak and pushing for action against Iran, which Trump loved. However Trump sees that war isn't popular with his base anymore, we we know Trump only serves himself and his base, so Bolton had to go....

Author — Ron


Fired or resigned thats the best thing that happened during the trump administration

Author — Oujnine Mohamed


Always fascinating to see how deluded conservatives are about their ideology, imagine, at this late juncture still believing the US has ever fought a war to "spread democracy"

Author — Morenito Moreno


who’s next as trump’s security adviser, Eric Prince?

Author — Togo Burrows


The only people who will miss the psychotic mutant death walrus are AIPAC, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Author — B. Greene


Saagar sez you can, t fault wanting to kill anyone who is percieved to be a threat??? That, s what fashist Isreal does.

Author — Russell E Simonetta


Hey, nice job excluding the intro this time. So much better! Also great video!

Author — Amin R


Bolton will go to some war mongering think tank and be around for at least another decade agitating for more unwinnable wars.

Author — Norman Mattson


I can't wait for the media to forget that Bolton is a bloodthirsty monster so they can invite him to appear on all their talk-shows.

Author — ntm4



Anyway, good riddance. Bolton just wants to get us to war. Funny enough it doesn’t seem it’s just because he is sponsored by war, I think he just doesn’t like the Middle East.

Or anywhere, but war on the Middle East is easy to sell for war nuts.

Author — Jay Dez


Listen to the way Saagar says tRump liked the notion that w/ Bolton in office we [US] could "bomb the hell out of them [other countries]!" So callous. Smh.

Author — C the Change


No matter what, US is better off without him.

Author — Al C