How to Make a Rocket Stove from a Coffee Can

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How to Make a Rocket Stove from a Coffee Can 4.5

This is an easy to make camp or emergency stove. It is made from a large coffee can and a few smaller soup cans. Minimal tools are required and costs nothing for the materials, provided you like canned food.

This stove burns wood sticks or twigs, lights easy and burns hot.

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hope you don't mind I took screen shots, I forget very easy so picture's help remind me.... thank you for the video hun bless you & yours....

Author — TLC Tammie


Try J&B Weld instead of the metal Duct tape. Takes a day to dry, but it can handle the heat.

Author — Ronald Heroux


Me and my little buddy'Tiger'were making these things in Okinawa when we were five years old.Tiger got the idea from his daddy who was a air force pilot and must have learned to make a stove out of a coffee can in survival school circa 1962.We would sneak off with hot dogs and matches and cook them on the stove using hobu grass for fuel.That is till later tiger and his brother started the island on fire and got "Smitty" in hot water with the Air forse brass for nearly burning down the neighborhood.Those were the days!Nothing like the smell of burning grass and roasting hotdogs!!To heck with galvanized poisoning we cooked directly on the coffee can.We survived.Little did we know their were 1400 nukes on the island and that the island had become ground zero.The Okinawans didn't know it either.They found out later.Japan told them.

Author — bob frost


The feed ramp needs to be higher you'll get more of air flow !

Author — Joe Palermo


I just love all of the ideals fir stoves, camping, houses, cooking and etc that I've seen and read about.

Author — joan bartlett


This is an excellent DIY video! Very well done. Professional. I would be proud to show this stove off and would not hesitate to cook on it. Great Job!

Author — Ken Fosdick


Turn the stove "into the wind", coat the underside of the pot with dish washing liquid, the black soot won't stick to it, rinses off clean! You're welcome. Good stove, good idea!

Author — Alan Wilson


I've been building these for a while now" They are the Greatest thing since Apple pie.!! Here's a little Tip" from an aged pro"
The space between the wall's is where you will get you're longest time, Running, Heat, !! Or Not.!!
SO, think it through good before adding the insulation.!! That's why Some tiny wood and small rocket stoves" pass
OR Fial." The Best thing I've found to use for this
Space is ( used lava Rock's) like can be Baught for a gas grill, there used to keep the gas heat more even inside a grill, then a little concreteTo fill in the spaces between them.
That's "my Secret" to my different types of Heaters" putting out "Good Heat all most all night Long.!! So, maybe I should share my technique in a utube video.??? lolol

Author — Ark Angel


Filling it with ash .makes it lighter .n mobile.

Author — Dan Coranado


Well I just love this. I have a Dremel and lots of cans. Gonna make myself one now for my campfire coffee pot. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video.

Author — The Vagabond Witch in the Woods


YOU, SIR, are an EXCELLENT TEACHER!!! Your language is clear & concise. You are obviously quite an intelligent young man with a well thought out plan. Camera angles, lighting, audio quality ALL EXCELLENT. Thank you for taking an extra moment and carefully showing each step in depth. And, may I add... THANK YOU VERY MUCH for NOT playing ridiculously loud & trance-like music in the background. Yo!*ur parents must be very proud of you!!! Thank you for sharing, and inspiring me, and literally giving me the courage to *think I can!* (Is there a pun in there? LOL ) I have subbed & liked. Keep the great content coming :-D God bless you!!!

Author — Kathleen Zimmerman


Informative in a simple and concise format. I made one identical to yours but I didn't use the aluminum tape. Once the plaster of Parid hardened, it actually covered the gap.
Thank you.

Author — homayoun Shirazi


I'm going to make one for emergencies, thanks!!

Author — 10TOES


Just saw it. Looks good! Just one comment: you should have used the remaining bit of grid instead of sheet metal for the raiser of the fuel - it would give you much better air intake.

Author — Jose Silveira


A pretty sound design. I think if you used a paint can for the outer cylinder, it would give you a handle you could carry the whole thing with.

Author — The Easel Rider


we've been doing that in the Philippines bro...

Author — Grace Diana


line the firebox with woodstove cement, it'll last longer. just smear it in with your hand. several coats. Stuff is pretty cheap.

Author — William Townsend


Thanks for that vid I fish a lot and this looks like my new best friend!

Author — Teaso Favors


They add the “ripples” to the can’s sides for rigidity.(ex post facto)

Author — Rob Hofer


No power tools! Nice project for scouts or metalwoodshop if they still had it in school. These are life skills kids need to be exposed to in order to survive the pending apocalyptic future ahead.

Author — Vickie Adams