All the jury results of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

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First to announce their votes were the national juries from all the participating countries. Austria won the jury vote, followed by Sweden and Israel.

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It's time to stop letting the jury vote. They are definitely unable to do that well haha

Author — PKCH Collection


Germany give 12 Points to Sweden and what did he say:, ,Thank you! I love Spätzle!" So cute! Germany was the best!

Author — Nadja F.


"We will travel through 43 countries in the blink of an eye..."
Checks duration of video - *36 mins*

Author — MJT Reviews


„12 points from Germany to Sweden!“
- „thank you, I love Spätzle!“

Author — Regina S


Cyprus should've won. It becomes more clear every time I watch the show back! Eurovision voting is so unpredictable, it's so interesting

Author — Bille994


"Music is a feeling not fireworks"
1 year later:
" Dancing with my dolls on the motha-bucka beat IM NOT YOUR TOY"

Author — TeamRemet


Best coment ever from little Benji after he got's the 12 Points from the German Jury. " I Love Spätzle" 😅😅😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆

Author — Rico Hofmann


Thank you so much Europe for all the points for Germany and that we ended up in 4th Place!🇩🇪❤️ it was such a good feeling!😍

Author — Tim2001


germany is for me the true winner <3

Author — Faenni Sso


Italy, Ukraine and Denmark responding to this jury:

Non mi avete fatto niente
Non mi avete tolto niente
Questa è la mia vita che va avanti
Oltre tutto, oltre la gente
Non mi avete fatto niente
Non avete avuto niente

Author — Natalia Terletska


The best moment was when italy from the 17th, with 59 points, came to the 3th from the pubblic vote. Because it showed that people got the message&like it and the juries votes with their asses

Author — Mima Kirigoe


Juries robbed Ukraine, Finland, Denmark and Hungary

Author — Mahmed Jokahamu


Sweden: " I love Spätzle" which is by the way a delicious German food 😂😂

Author — Nils Berndt


Please put an end to policital and friendly voting. It would be good next year to see a song contest with just artists and you don’t know which country they come from. The results would be very different. I must say it angers me when I’m able to predict which countries give 12 points to each other just because they are neighbours. P.s SuRie deserved so much more

Author — Jonathan


It’s ridiculous that Ukraine was given more points from Jury last year than this year. I’m not saying he deserved to win, but he DEFINITELY didn’t deserve to be last at the jury vote!

Author — Emily Kay


The greek woman actually pretended as if there was any doubt who'd she give the 12 points to! 😂

Author — Vicky99


I'm so disappointed with the results! My favourites were Albania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Israel and Australia.

Author — Lauren C


The singer from Sweden to rhe german girl: "I love Spätzle" (It's a very popular food in Germany)😂😂😂😂

Author — Nele Baumgärtner


There was just a couple nations that can sing, Albania, Ukraine, Austria, The Netherlands and Germany

Author — Verca LG


Раздражает невероятно. Кажется, это последний год, когда я смотрю Евровидение; с каждым годом система все хуже и хуже. Украина последняя по голосам жюри, прямо самое худшее и нудное выступление?? Складывается ощущение, что тут либо заговор, либо места куплены. Иначе как объяснить как фавориты жюри (привет, Швеция) вдруг получают такие низкие баллы от зрителя? Зато аутсайдеры жюри (да, Украина) резко попадают в топ 10 по мнению зрителя. Как это объяснить?
Любовь зрителя не купишь ни за какие деньги. Мэловин выполнил свою основную цель - завоевал доверие публики, ее любовь. И это важнее, потому что именно этот зритель потом будет слушать его музыку.

Author — Ann Petrichenko