Social Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #49

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Social Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #49 5
Today, Craig is going to talk about social policy - in the United States this means achieving one of three goals: protecting Americans from risk, promoting equal opportunity, or assisting the poor. Many Americans strongly believe in individualism, that is self-reliance, but since the Great Depression and the New Deal the government’s role has increased significantly. We’re going to focus on two social policies that came out of the New Deal - Social Security and what we tend to think of as “welfare” - and talk about why they’re still around now and potentially the future. These and other social policies are not without controversy, as things tend to be when involving our tax dollars, and we’re going to talk about that too.

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I cant afford a college education, so thankful we got YouTube.

Author — WeirdWorld


Only has 12 minutes.
Gets the video done in 9.
That's efficiency.

Author — TheFireflyGrave


I DID IT! I got through the 49 episodes in 2 days and before any of you ask it wasn't to study for a test. It was just for my own entertainment

Author — Elise Catherine


"Poor people are lazy."

Strange that an entire generation of Americans just decided to start being lazy in the middle of the 20's.

Author — Edit Name


What? People can be poor without it being their fault and without being lazy? Impossible! /s

Author — SchiferlED


Bernie Sanders when he was a young man: 2:53

Author — DoubleGoon


"...medicare has some leverage over costs..." Except, you know, when congress passes laws explicitly forbidding Medicare from negotiating prices (for example, medication prices), thereby completely stripping the single largest payer of ANY leverage, but also ensuring inefficiency in spending (which is used to justify reduction in funding in nice loops of circular and consequentialist logic) and the emergence of, for all intents and purposes, "government death panels" (aka cost/benefit evaluation boards) determining whether or not to actually allow many treatments due to expense (and regardless of the fact that such board automatically form and control private insurers, to the general harm of their--now forced to participate--customers). In other words, if medicare were actually afforded any leverage it would dramatically improve cost and availability of health care. Our current situation is directly caused in no small part by deliberate prevention of such by vested interests in pursuit of very short-term profits.

Author — Elizabeth Alleman


If only education worked like that. What really happens is the government subsidizes education and costs skyrocket. Universities, looking to be more competitive, build massive food courts and gym complexes. Then the students get degrees in Twilight or some other useless degree. Those students, unable to get real jobs, go to law school or graduate school and get deeper in debt. But, even if the system does work and you get a useful degree, the market is so saturated that all you get offered are unpaid internships. That need five years experience. Thus an entire generation votes for a socialist who had enough sense to rebrand.

Author — FortuitusVideo


Starving to death, or dying when there's medical treatment seems like the least we can do to help fellow citizens. Give them food. Give them medical care. Eating and living aren't *LUXURIES*. WTF? We have people, *PEOPLE* ... with so much money it couldn't be spent in a hundred life times. And the American's of the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s didn't think asking them to pay taxes was an insult.

Author — Beorn


I've never seen Craig so uncomfortable as when recalling an event involving a particular cheese dip...

Author — Jacob Repino


Aren't social polices the thing you get when your empire has accumulated enough culture?

Author — Daniel Harris


I was a child during the Clinton administration; it's interesting now to look back on that with some knowledge of what was actually going on

Author — James Craver


This video came just in time for test on Monday.

Author — Generic Username


I thought of this earlier and I think this is a decent way to think about it (from a realist [I think form IR jargon] standpoint):

Is the economic cost of people without access to health care / education / trains / etc more taxing on the economy than a levied tax to provide access to all? A typical example: would it cost more to provide health care to all people and have mostly relatively healthy people or have people pay for it themselves and deal with being around sick people who cannot afford care? Or would having students graduate without debt and having more people be able to go through college/university to get higher-paying jobs (presuming there are fundamentally enough) be better than having students and their family foot a large bill to "get a substantial career"?

At least these questions should be asked by all, and these ignore any moral or ethical reason to have such programmes (which are also important questions).

Hope this contributes ^_^ please have an amazing weekend and life! DFTBA!

Author — archlinuxrussian


can you do a video about the 2016 elections & their parties, etc?

Author — Mishasdiary YT


1:55 the dog is showing to the other dogs how to stand up

Author — Rick Apocalypse


Thanks for the continued education, Crash Course! I enjoy having you s a host :)

Author — Lip22Gloss


Thanks Craig! I just passed my American Government CLEP test! I only studied for 3 weeks and ended up with an extra $900 in my pocket (well- sort of)!

Author — Keenyn Moly


quite frankly, I'm surprised that you didn't get kraft (and it's delicious sausage cheese dip) to sponsor this episode.

Author — tvheadd


What's weird for me in the American mindset is that if you say something like: "Maybe poor people are humans too, and we might should not abandon them", someone will jump at your throat and call you a communist, like if they actually knew what that meant.

Author — 1234kalmar