Reskilling Revolution: Better Skills for a Billion People by 2030 | Davos 2020

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Reskilling Revolution: Better Skills for a Billion People by 2030 | Davos 2020 4.5

Almost twice as many jobs can be created than lost by the Fourth Industrial Revolution – if people have the skills to take advantages of the opportunity. In order to meet this new demand, the World Economic Forum today launches Reskilling Revolution, a multi-stakeholder effort to provide enhanced education, skills and better jobs to one billion people by 2025. Find out how we will do it here.

Speakers: Ivanka Trump, Marc Benioff, Adrian Monck, Peter Hummelgaard, Ahmad Belhoul, Saadia Zahidi

The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.

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11:18 "Capitalism as we know it is dead". Pretty bold statement. Especially from someone who is the CEO of a company with $17 billion revenue.

Author — eff ess



Author — Bob Jackson


US government retraining programs for manufacture who lost their jobs since 2000 were a dud. 0-15% effectiveness rate. This is all bs. People are not infinitely-adaptable widgets. Our life expectancy has gone down for 3 years in a row. Suicides and drug-oversoses have surpassed vehicle deaths. Half the manufacturing workers who lost their job due to automation in the midwest left the workforce for good. Almost half of those applied for disability.

Author — Matt N.


This looked like opportunity for people to dress up and talk 😂

Author — dolphinrose21


X-Files. Opposite of "inspiring" earthling poets, artists, musicians, mystics, human beings and creators of joy...are the "desperate" control freaky counting corpses (vampires).

Big, empty, brain numbing, soul sucking numbers measure the amount of darkness (greed/hate) that a vampire's black hole in space called ego posses. Not brilliance.

And a booming economy measures the rapid rate at which the alien vampires (greed/hate) are sucking the joy out of life and devouring the planet. Not intelligence.

Balance sheets, ledgers and bottom lines are the real Bible of the evangelical counting corpses (vampires). This Bible is completely absent of light, warmth, love, life, joy, "magic", meaning, beauty and wisdom. Their real Bible is ignorant (dead).

The light and warmth of humanity (hearts/love) needs to go "supernova" in order to fill the black hole in space (greed/hate) with light so that it's darkness (misery, murder, mass shootings, suicides, war etc.) goes away and it's heavy gravitational pull stops sucking the joy out of life.

Author — steve coley


this begs the question, what else will they " teach" people in "reskilling" seems like another way to indoctrinate, and push agendas !

Author — Mike Church


There is no place for me in your Brave New World!

Author — Xi Jinping


These people just like to hear themselves talk.

Author — Kiswindsida Guigma


I would like to see them talk about Regenerative Agriculture REVOLUTION! And the capacity of soil to hold as much co2 as the whole ocean. And increase returns!

Author — Saamo Kari


so this is why we have the coronavirus SCAM.

Author — orion Loses



Author — Ale's World


I am so happy we are planting trees. That is a big part of the solution. Thank you POTUS.

Author — James B


"Almost twice as many jobs can be created than lost by the 4th industrial revolution"...only somebody spoiled enough to breezed through life off of their parents' money and connections would say something like that. There is absolutely no evidence supporting that claim, only fantasy predictions that rely on a miracle to eventually coming along. The 4th industrial revolution and unemployment are synonymous with each other just like the opioid epidemic and overdoses. You can tell nobody on that panel has ever had to work their way up from the bottom. All come from wealthy, privileged backgrounds. These were the kids who went straight from college graduation to the top of the corporate latter because of who their parents were. Just like Ivanka had her dad pay her way through college then upon graduating she got on the board of Trump Organization. A nice, out of touch, delusional panel who represent the corporate interests of international enterprises.

There is no place for humanism, liberty, privacy, freedom of expression, upward mobility, democracy, or middle class careers in an ever-increasingly automated and robotic world. PERIOD! Its just like a mathematical equation....only fools and the ignorant masses believe otherwise. The people on this panel know that very well but are paying lip service until its too late for ordinary people to react properly. Every elitists ultimate goal is to eliminate the need to have to pay or rely on other humans to produce fortunes for themselves. They're ALL IN on replacing humans in the workplace with machines and computers that can work 24/7 without making mistakes, needing food or rest, or wanting benefits and that paid vacation. They want to get the maximum amount of dollars they can carve out of the economy with as little effort as possible. If they can get to no effort and no money as the requirement to produce a trillion dollar company, they will sacrifice anything and anybody to get that. For them...their urge for money, political power, and the ability to influence and control people comes way before any considerations for what is right. These people have never lived by the golden rule because the idea of consequences has never been applied to them the way it has for ordinary people.

Author — Russia Uncensored


Ivanka likes her voice a little too much lol. That was a long answer

Author — Opportunity Investing Analysis


Avanka annual meeting. Avanka lead business meeting addresses love to you so much

Author — Abdul Rasheed


The future is in vocational trainings because graduates are taught to become workers that will build economies. University graduates are taught to become socialists that will disrupt economies.

Author — Rob Happe


thank you all, for recognizing the opportunity that exists in creating a sustainable platform. The new capitalism is dedicated to all the best interest that responsible resource management can do. Shedding a past and realizing a new future, the propagation of life/light of consciousness, will realize meaning and justification for generations to come.

"A politician thinks of the next election, a statesman of the next generation. A
politician looks for the success of his party; a statesman for that of his country. The
statesman wishes to steer, while the politician is satisfied to drift. "
--James Freeman Clarke

Author — Michael N/A


Havet open us 57candry work us anktivid.

Author — Μιχαλης Επιφανης


Ejemplo para las mujeres del mundo la Sra. Ivanka

Author — Julio Infante quispe


13minute guy is fully fledged world enslavement nwo nutcase

Author — UFODI