How Chopin Sounds on Harpsichord

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  • ℹ️ Published 12 months ago

I played 12 Chopin pieces on the harpsichord. Listen how they sounded! I played the minute waltz, military polonaise, heroic polonaise in A , Valse de L'adieu, raindrop prelude, Fantaisie Impromptu, Nocturne in C sharp minor, Nocturne in E major, Great Brilliant Waltz, Tristesse, Mazurka in B moll.

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Beautiful instrument! I will order one on Blocket some day 😄

Author — Mattias Krantz


This video demonstrates how the piano-forte is Chopin's instrument, because he meticulously chose the dynamics of every note to make his works sounds as beautiful as they do.

Author — Stevo the Human


* People exists *
Has a piano: plays Bach
Has a harpsichord: plays Chopin

Author — Lisandro


I once asked an organist if he could play Chopin on the organ. He said he'd need to grow more fingers and a couple of extra feet.

Author — Cadwaladr


Beautiful instrument you got there!
I am a harpsichord player, so most of the (melodic) passages sound good to me :D
Number 6 especially sounds just like something from the baroque period.
btw. Chopin loved Scarlatti, so it may be not that far fetched^^

Author — SapiensfromTerra


I love the sound of harpsichord. There should be more of them.

Author — Pity Party


It's so strange hearing Chopin without dynamics.

Still, fascinating hearing the harmonies this way.

Very interesting experience all around.

Author — genghisbunny


Chopin is great and a proof is that even with harpsichord he remains great!

Author — Bostro-X


Creo que sonarían mejor las obras de Mozarat, ya que Mozart si utilizaba este instrumento y componía en el, dándole un sonido a realeza, pero las obras de Chopin tienen una mejor sonoridad con la suavidad del piano

Author — Juanjo Salamanca rojas


Sempre achei esse instrumento tão legal

Author — Pedro Neto


One of Chopin's teachers was Adalbert Zywuny, who was a chlavichordist rather than a pianist. I believe some of his mazurkas sound OK on the fortepiano even with little pedaling, and therefore adequate on the harpsichord. His more "muscular" pieces not so much.

Author — Locarnese


Don't worry guys Mozart is staring at us for him.

Author — luckypegasus vol


"Chopin is not Chopin without pedals" - W.A. Mozart

Author — CVArts


Imagine playing Scott Joplin on a harpsichord 😂

Author — Ian Bean


Cravo é um dos meus instrumentos preferidos! Gostei muito do vídeo. Espero que venham mais vídeos tocando cravo!

Author — Ygor Quadros


I love the ease with which you play. So much effort to make it all seem effortless. There's such joy in what you do.

Author — TalksandTales


“Mom, can we get Chopin?”
“We have Chopin at home”
Chopin at home:

Author — AtesliTeyyare


Parabéns!!! Merece todo reconhecimento, muito talentoso! Abraço.

Author — Vagner sax


Well done. Harpsichord has a way of exposing every flaw in your playing.

Author — sapinva


O melhor é saber que esse talento é do Brasil, me encanta escutar você tocar.

Author — Fernanda Gomes