Channel 4 - FourScore The Airwaves Orchestra Vinyl (Highest Quality)

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Got this 45 the other day and I noticed there is no high quality recording version of this online. This is uploaded under fair use and for nostalgia purposes nothing more. For those who were around during Channel 4's launch back in 1982. As I was born in 1993 I didn't experience the launch myself lol.

I recorded the headphone input from my Marantz 2225 Receiver Whilst the record played on my Sansui XR-Q7 Quartz locked turntable.

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this is the best piece of music, based on just 4 notes and various great musical rifts that are divine. and i was just 15 when channel 4 came to tv's everywhere. and now i'm 53 and still love channel 4 to this very day, well done to the great David Dundas for composing this superb masterpiece.

Author — Keith Stuart Goldstraw


Thank you! You've done a great service to humanity!

Author — Zoe Summers


Managed to get a vinyl copy of this last year.. not easy to find.. pure luck

Author — TheRecordSleeve


channel 4 was groundbreaking at launch and a real breath of fresh air

Author — Michael McDonald


Have so many good memories of this piece between C4 shows and movies, especially when they'd show the Friday night Frankenstein and Dracula movies. All my immediate family together watching; goodies, crisps and soft drinks. Thanks for uploading this.

Author — John Smith


Browsing the Internet was the only way I've ever heard about Channel 4, and by extension, this tune.

Author — Jacob Davis


Now I want this to be on CD and Cassette!

Author — Let Pin


I remember when channel 4 was launched. I was 8 and remember seeing the testcard on the run-up to its launch. I think Countdown was the first program. I don't remember hearing this full tune before though.

Author — Rog Fusionkid


Wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Author — TheWillsy


Any chance of recording the B Side - FourScore 2? I love that version.

Author — tuppswahey


“Good afternoon. It’s a pleasure to be able to say to you: Welcome to Channel Four.”

Author — Edcola


That build up 3 mins 19 so beautiful love 4 score 1 and 2 ❤❤❤

Author — Roberto d El Fraser


I remember it well a kid making sure I was on home from school on time. No one believed me at home that we had a new tv channel. You had to keep on tuning into the signal ready for launch so that you were on the right signal. Not like now where everything is done for you. In those days you had to turn the knob left or right and that’s how you turned tv those days. You had to make sure that the the dial was dead centre on the signal. Those were the days. I remember watching countdown and thinking huh this is what I rushed home for?

Author — David Reece


Four notes which say "Da-vid Dundas".

Author — Gmackematix


I was 3 when channel 4 launched but remember the iconic ident and fourscore from later in the 80s. The short version of fourscore would make a good text message tone (as in the version played before each programme started)

Author — J C


0:33 1:07 1:36 2:13 2:42 3:12 3:44
What is your faverite jingle? 🤔

Author — metpumin​ konta



Author — RM Studios


The best song Matt Berry didn't cover for his Television Themes album.

Author — Bleu Hope