Barcelona to Paris by TGV high-speed train from €59

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Barcelona to Paris by TGV high-speed train from €59 4.5

The train skirts the Pyrenees, runs along the Mediterranean, past étangs (lakes) where colonies of flamingos feed one-legged in the shallows, past vineyards, the Fort de Salses, the Chateau de Montfaucon, and the pretty villages of the Rhone Valley.

There are 2 Paris-Barcelona TGV trains every day all year round and up to 4 in summer.

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It's definitely better than flying in terms of traveling to the airport, check in, security controls, etc and then the beautiful landscape

Author — Dave Mitxi


Too bad this operation is not available in the US. You must drive or fly!
Looks likes a great ride!

Author — mdavid1955


Possibly 2 of the most beautiful cities on this planet earth

Author — HoustonRailFan


How beautiful is Spain. Che bella è la Spagna. Qué hermosa es España.

Author — Eduardo Lopez


I love the 7 minutes of traveling!!!
Wish I have money to visit Barcelona and Paris!

Author — DaiLenMatHo


God I love trains. Europeans have it right. America lags big time.

Author — Eric Anderson


6:15 omg that is where my grandmother lived :( in 1 of the tower on the left. I miss it there. Great vid btw

Author — Allan 201


I like the photography. Steady shooting and commentaries.

Author — Roland Thomasset


Cuanto tenemos que aprender los argentinos. Esto calidad de vida.

Author — Marcela Olguin


We'll be on this pup in May.  Rather see the beautiful countryside up close
from the TGV than looking down from the air.

Author — Peter W


Third time I've viewed this; I never tire of it. Thanks.

Author — Sean Coleman


Very Scenic and quite educational with captions!


Author — Acela Man


Beautifull a beautifull generosity for posting this video in a lot brother.

Author — Ravi Sub


Thank you for posting this! I was trying to decide whether to fly or take the train from Barcelona to Paris. You helped me so much!

Author — JL D


fantástico viaje lo ice dos veces y pienso volver

Author — Rossend Cuacol.


Thanks for your great vid. Hope to travel that train one day. Beautiful scenery along the way.

Author — Clayton E


Beautifully done and a gorgeous train and trip! Wow. Goes on my bucket list

Author — Gregg Hanson


What’s the typing sound in the background

Author — Scott van Ruin


Thanks for your videos mark, really enjoy them. Can I ask why you go on so many train journeys? Thank you

Author — glen248


Nice video though. I can only watch..i really hope the kl-singapore HSR will be a reality soon..

Author — syazh1