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Belize City Tourist Guide 4.5

I make a short video in Belize City about why I believe it is worth seeing when one visits Belize. It represents a country in the infancy of independence and all that is good and bad in these early stages.

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One of the most secluded and unknown countries in the world... it really needs to be introduced

Author — Neema Paxima


I’m a Belizean and I will back up everything this guy said cause it’s all true!!!...thank you sir for putting us out there ❤️💙💚

Author — Sebastian Young


Belize is not a shit hole Belize is beautiful Country I love Belize

Author — L&G painting service inc. L&G painting service inc.


Nice video. My Belize is a beautiful country. Parts of the city is dangerous, not all. It all depends on what places you are getting into. We are a small but very diverse country.

Author — Vitruvian Design


I'm a local 2nd generation Asian-Belizean and I've been traveling in the region a lot. Like any other places in the world specially when it's compared with our neighboring spanish speaking countries, Belize is still the safest of all! We might not be the cleanest or the most technolgical advance compare to Costa Rica and Panama, but I'm surely you will recieve our english caribbean style hospitallity!

Author — Haiching Yin


I'm looking for my son that live in Belize: I paid anything to find him, hes name is "Nolan Miranda Alzugaray"🇺🇸

Author — chiùeo m


Belize is one of my favorite places. I stayed in San Pedro when I was there. We did visit the city. Their is a pool area we went to that was made for the locals.

Author — N A


you didn't get robbed but you got a lot of dirty looks, oh and by the way I'm going to Belize in three months, and I cannot wait.

Author — Motivation101


I've always been told Belize and Antigua are more similar to Jamaica than any other caricom country. I need to visit!

Author — 876beauty


Yeah it true Belize is not dangerous i live there and nothing had happen to me yet. I move to belmopan because it's not that crowed

Author — FCOOY


I went there 2 weeks ago it's not that bad depend what part of the city you at

Author — Corenze Fleming


Go marlon !!!! Thats my older brother lol

Author — Sashena Young


there will be no regrets coming to belize, u betta belize it!!

Author — bert williams


Loved Belize City. I remember going to a club called The Big Apple on North Front Street. It was the early 90's and "bubbling" was all the rage back then. Unfortunately the club closed in '95 or so because of a shooting. Went back about a dozen times, never had any problems with anybody, but I always steered clear of the southern part of town. Too many shady characters down there, but all in all this is a funky town.

Author — Cornelis Verhoef


Belize I live in Belize for a long time when I was born

Author — Sandra Williams


Interesting to see this about Belize, I love it.

Author — Shaun Lowekey45


Belize is one of my favorite places to visit. Would love it if you checked out some of my videos on the country as well.

Author — Alice Ford


I've been to Belize several times. I call it Some of This City because thats a city that you can just call it one thing. It's some of this and some of that. I've never had a bad experience there and the people are awesome

Author — The Casas


Belize seems like a wonderful country, I'm considering Belize for retirement.

Author — Sean Hennessy


I live da belize, and nutin wrong with belize city, i love my city

Author — Taralee Ordonez