Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of AK47, dies aged 94

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Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of AK47, dies aged 94 5
Mikhail Kalashnikov, the man responsible for developing the AK-47 assault rifle, has died aged 94 in his home city of Izhevsk in Russia. He had been in hospital since November.

The weapon, often referred to by the creator's surname Kalashnikov, has killed more people than any other firearm in the world since its first use just after World War Two.

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"I saw American soldiers throwing away their M16 rifles and picking up the Soviet AK-47 rifles and didn't stop there  ,  I saw again in Iraq...."   

 - Mikail Kalashnikov

That's an EPIC words from him that's totally trolled the M16 users    lol  

(But I love both they are awesome in the different style XD)

R.I.P. Mikail Kalashnikov  
 your invention is the one of the greatest firearms achivement  in

you're the

Author — Fallen Angel Kami Neko


 The irony of a Soviet weapon being described as if intellectual property, and its imitation as theft is really amusing. 

Rest in peace Mr. Kalashnikov, after all your trauma in World War 2 you can now rest. The battles are behind you.
Someday maybe the battles will be behind everyone else, until then you're legacy, like your weapons will sustain in our memories.

Author — republicofsandals


He will always be a hero in my mind. A patriot who loved his country and just wanted to design the best rifle possible for its defence. He cannot be blamed for how its used and by whom. Thats like blaming Henry Ford for road deaths. 

Author — stephen green


"Ive made my rifle for my country and helped to defend it. But i never thought my product would ever be so popular and well known around the world"

-Mikail Kalashnikov

Author — wolve992


Today I didn't even have to use my gotta say it was a good day.

Author — MalcolmRandall


im going to remember him every time i pull the trigger on my AK this weekend.

Author — Bill Hill


Mikhail Kalashnikov is a true hero and must go to Heaven so we honour you and who is with me so say URA!

Author — Kaiser Enoshima[MCPE]


I think he prefers the AK-74 over the AK-47.

Author — GG Good Game


The most legendary gunsmith I have ever known, left a mark on the whole world with just one gun.

Author — The South


Neverending honor to you Mr. Kalashnikov

Author — Boyar


Thank you Mikhail....
From Yasser Arafat

Author — High Altitude Observer


I treasure all the Kalashnikovs and also all the Mosin Nagants I have in my collection. I even praise Russian rifles in my novel. It's tough and reliable, it's Russian! Da!

Author — twombonu


Eric Holder is in mourning. This was the man that created Eric's weapon of choice to hand out to criminals!!!

Author — yayablu1970


Your name will be live as always

A Legend

Author — Major Adviser


"Everything complicated is useless." *cough cough AR15 cough cough*

Author — ARKT1KA


He was the best man... And now he's a legend.

Author — Mr MostWanted


Happy 100th birthday comrade. You truly invented one of the greatest tools to be used by humanity.

Author — B&O5300


Thanks For Your AK-47 ( Gaben And VOLVo ) CS:GO

Author — 단순한 슬픔_RyZo_


i am so upset that i didn’t get to meet him in this existence

Author — scream2749


rip i hope they make an ak94 in his remembrance 

Author — youssef slm