'Never Be Rejected Again' | Jordan Peterson about What Attracts Men & Women

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Jordan Peterson about Women Attraction.
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Jordan Peterson
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“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” Keep smiling you will Succeed, sharing some love with ya all.

Author — Sacda Abdurhman-Personal Growth


Wanna know how to attract woman?
Stop trying to attract woman and be the best version of yourself.

Author — xXRambodianXx


You gotta love your self first, you’ll start seeing things different . Even those who reject you won’t affect you . If it affects you because you’re putting your happiness on other peoples hands.
Stay positive, and always put your self first.

Author — Jose Barrera


Once you stop worrying about whether she likes you and start worrying about whether you like you you’ll attract more of what you want into your life.

Author — Casey Burns


The real key is to become so comfortable with rejection that the fear of it doesn't prevent you from making your move.
At the end of the day, all you can do is offer the opportunity to connect. People are free to take it, or reject it. After a certain point of self-development their rejection or agreement doesn't say anything about you personally.

And the only way to get comfortable with rejection is to move towards it willingly and frequently 😏 get out there and have some fun! I promise it's not as big of a deal as you may believe it is.

Author — Austin J. Bailey


Don't run for a girl or don't try to impress her. If you do that you're wasting your precious time on only focusing on her. Go for your Goals, dreams, passion, whatever. If you become a successful person in your life then you will be able to see the right person. You can choose any girl you want, you will get any girl you want. Your life will be much better than current situation. Life is precious don't waste it. Remember this always and God bless you all.



Be confident in who you are and love yourself! People are attracted to happy and emotionally mature people✌️

Author — Mindset to Mastery


“Love being by yourself first, or you won’t be happy in a relationship”

Being alone is what’s PISSING ME OFF!!!!

Author — DragonRanger1990


This man’s brutal honesty was the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Thank you JP for helping me, I can’t imagine what I’d be like without you. Forever grateful for people like you

Author — Cole Clarkson


For those concerned with symmetry you can address that with such simple actions as don't slump, stand up straight, shoulders back and hold your head high and smile 😊

Author — Wayne the Brain


*high status(money and fame)!
*health and strenght!
*eye contact!
*social skills!



As a conclusion: In order to be loved, you have to love yourself first.
A valuable woman/man will come into your life when you are a man/woman of value as well. People seek people with their level, not matter how low or high it is.
What Mr. Peterson explains are admirable characteristics in a person in general and one should implement these in order to level up and so becoming able to seek for quality because you can't complain that you "don't/can't find quality men/women" while you can't offer the same quality you are looking for. Usually low quality people think they have a huge value, but in reality...it's just a mirage for them. The quality people's huge amount of work that they have invested in themselves cannot be compared to a book or a few books that a low quality/medium quality person read once and now thinks that he/she knows the secrets of success. It takes way much more than and years and years of hard work and education and this learning processes is a lifestyle/a life-long process. Even we, average people, are far away from these people and we should do everything we can to try to keep up because the wasted time we have not put in ourselves is now holding us back and we can't expect that these strong people must look up on us and have a relationship with us because they are aware they need alike partners, as strong as they are, otherwise it's a waste of time and resources.

Author — Cristina Camelia


As much as focusing on yourself is key to attract a healthy relationship I also think that being available for opportunities and conversations with particular partners of interest is also important.

Author — Alex Pickle


I attempted 2nd girl to date. I got rejected in respectful way by both of them. But what I learned is, it was much easier to speak my feelings on her. More you try more you get confident to date. There is bit heartbreak I'm feeling, but it won't stop me trying more in the future. Finding brilliant ain't no easy. I will keep hoping for the best in a state of hopelessness. 💔

Author — D


I think confidence is key. Try to be confident with what your doing. That brings people close to you and notice you more. Take your time, conversation is great, engage in varied topics depending on what’s happening or happened at that time.



You will get rejected, whether or not you like it, deal with it, you can't make everyone like or just wanna F with you all the time. Appreciate those who do.

Author — Issho


I have never been afraid or have reasons to do so when I approach girls.
Women are humans and if they rejects then that's because they dont want.
That doesn't mean that is something wrong with me. Just respect their decision and try with someone else who wants you.

I rejected women many times. Even if they didn't accept it as we men do, it doesn't mean that I want them more.

Some women actually do reject because they are insecure themselves and need us men to make them feel good about our proposal for a new "dating".

Author — The Son of Mesopotamia


I believe Dr. Jordan B Peterson is one of the rarest people who can guide this generation to a better mindset and actions

Author — Yashar Khara


Basically, he said at the end, "It's survival of the fittest"

Those who succeed know how to fit in their environment. It's not about strength, speed, intelligence. It's about fitting in to an environment where you will thrive.

Author — Kinos141


To the worthwhile person seeing this, your dream is not dead. Don’t allow the past and current pains and hurts stop and define you. You’re more than a conqueror. Rise up and put yourself together. Keep pushing your future depends on it. I wish you all the best in life ❤️.

Author — Be Motivated