DayZ - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Chernarus has once been a popular tourist destination. Now it’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland struck by an unknown epidemic – and you’re one of the survivors immune to the virus, desperately trying to make it through another day.

Rated Mature: Blood, Intense Violence

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Best time to release this game. Said no one

Author — Ricardo Galvis


It’s actually really fun... a little over priced but to me it was definitely worth it!

Author — Joshua Detwiler


Very beautiful and very technical for a PS1 game! Amazing Sony 😍

Author — Abdulvakhid W


Increíble a pesar de las críticas esta muy conseguido aunque podrían haber trabajado más los interiores de los edificios le refiero a poner más habitaciones y más cosas

Author — intermedoritosaurio A


I still love you Bohemia. Best game ever cuz you actually need true skill to be able to survive and succeed. The only game I will never delete.

Author — Scotty Woods


Best game I've played since started in 1977.. seen some amazing games...this is THE best so far.

Author — sol cutta


'when you die, you die'
-Dayz 2019

Author — Enrique Andrés Castillo


Everybody on console in 2014: man I really want to play that DayZ game, it looks pretty cool.

Bohemia Interactive in 2014:

Bohemia Interactive in 2019: Better late than never, I guess 🤔

Author — Dauntless Diør


Very nice concept of the game, playing with friends boosts your experience. Price is kinda high though.

Author — Djain


Can't wait to get this game when it becomes the free PS+ game in about 3 months.

Author — JC The Soulless


The replayability of this game is HUGE!!! Most Triple A titles have a 15hr playtime and they cost £50. Completely agree why Bohemia did it. They have bills to play too. Besides it not like they redesigned a bespoke engine entirely for consoles from the ground up. Can't wait for new adventures either solo or with friends.

Author — JustJames


I'd like to see an actual multiplayer trailer where every player is a toxic, new spawn killing, dupers who think they own the server.

Author — Noah


Honestly it's worth 50 bucks if you truly love these type of games, I've put countless hours into running around doing banditry

Author — Harland Noland


Well, at least the game isn’t 5 years late..

Author — Sunken Thunder


Man i really wanted to play this 5 years ago

Author — JocularSolid


Can someone make a new updated version of this game, I loved running into random funny people while wandering the world

Author — Joey beanbags


It might be an old game and the graphics are nothing special but its more about the experience on the game. I agree $£50 is a bit steep but ive been looking forward to this for years. Even though its old, this style of game is far more interesting than current popular games. I for one am extremely exited to play!

Author — Esz


Bought this game for 50 dollars honestly wish it was like maybe 20 dollars but I still love playing there's so many different things to do in this game

Author — Ñeptüne


"What's the point of surviving of you have nothing to live for?"

Me: Exactly

Author — Iza Nazir


I feel like this should be a free game dose anyone agree with me?

Author — Hollow Shinobi