Bjd plans for 2017 - Welcome to the land of rambles

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Chit chatting about 2p17 and how I hope to not have to sell my soul to the devil for a fullset lol.
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I'm so excited to see a video from you. Your hair looks good! Looking good girl!! I'm working slowly on reorganizing my stuff too. Ooh I can't wait to see your end of the yr tag vid. Happy new year too!!

Author — @Ginaisarty


New subscriber, and really enjoying getting to know your characters so I like the long chat style videos :)

Author — @haschenkonig


I like the way you love your dolls and how it makes you happy

Author — @teressagivens8372


I live for long dolly videos! Feel free to make more chit chat vids~☆

Author — @starryfoxplushie


omg! I love your hair :D I did the same thing haha chopped it off now I can wear my wigs and its so much cooler haha! also I love your chit chats / rambles <3

Author — @superawesomefreak46


That's was pretty awesome...I think you should do longer videos talking about characters and other things pertaining to the hobby...Your vids and bouts of randomness are freaking hilarious, and I enjoy your dolls are amazing.

I just did my first BJD Tag on my channel 😳 Would mean so much if you checked it out

Author — @fierceplastic6800


I feel you with the only SD collection! Nice set up though :3 I'm just getting into seeing your videos and it's really cool so I look forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2017.

Author — @kiwiandbjds


yay! you're back. yes chit chat forever!

Author — @VitaPlastica


FINALLY WOMAN Been having CHIT CHAT WITHDRAWRALS... Love the shaved look hun suits you fucking much... <3

Author — @SugaryCuppycake


I laughed so hard when you talked about the one dolls eyebrows; it just killed me! Sorry, I just thought it was funny. I like your videos.

Author — @skybluespike8373


I am waiting to do my end of year BJD tag also but I wait every year. I think the earliest I've posted it is the 7th of January.

Author — @DreamsOfViolets


I love your hair like this. you look gorgeous

Author — @rebelbjd1101


i don't mind you talking I like your videos

Author — @shadownight5954


omg! you are so cute! and i love your short hair ♥

Author — @scythescythe884