Barack Obama: The 2020 60 Minutes interview

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60 Minutes, the most successful American television broadcast in history, began its 52nd season in September. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 is still a hit in 2020. 60 Minutes makes Nielsen’s weekly Top 10 nearly every week and was the #1 weekly television broadcast three times last season.

The program still averages more than 10 million viewers, more than double the audience of its nearest network news magazine competitor. The average audience for a 60 Minutes broadcast is 150% higher than those of the network morning news programs; the audience dwarfs the number of viewers drawn by the most popular cable news programs.

60 Minutes has won every major broadcast award. Its 25 Peabody and 150 Emmy awards are the most won by any single news program. It has also won 20 duPont-Columbia University journalism awards. Other distinguished journalism honors won multiple times include the George Polk, RTDNA Edward R. Murrow, Investigative Reporters and Editors, RFK Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi and Gerald Loeb awards.

60 Minutes premiered on CBS September 24, 1968. Bill Owens is the program’s executive producer. The correspondents and contributors of 60 Minutes are Sharyn Alfonsi, Anderson Cooper, John Dickerson, Norah O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Lesley Stahl, Bill Whitaker and L. Jon Wertheim.

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It was said by our adversaries at the time when George Washington's term as President was up- " if he actually walks away from all that power, he would be the greatest man ever." True greatness is not in holding power, but in relinquishing it.

Author — Paintboy


A great interview, Thank You. I wasn’t too sure about my opinions about this president when he was a candidate. Once elected I became absolutely certain he was not only a good president, he cared about the job and our country. Those who speak to divide us as a citizenry, do us no service. We cannot escape the fact that we are in part responsible for negative outcomes and are not helpless in the face of them. If we chose only to act out of anger and disassociation we chose to unleash the powers that destroy from within. Rather we should accept our own responsibility to create positive outcomes. Quite frankly, otherwise we are simply shooting ourselves in our own foot, so to speak.

Author — Janice Browning/Aquino


I love the look of anger on Joe Biden’s face when someone disrespectfully yelled “You lie!” at 11:03. You can tell he has a tremendous amount of respect for Barack Obama.

Author — Adrian Garza


Barrack has shown that an ordinary person can achieve in life by means of education and hardwork. He is one of the person who i admire a lot. What a personality he's got ! If lot of kids get inspired by barrack, we all would have a fantastic world. He's a great role model.

Author — sln78


The fact that Obama is so brutally & publicly honest about his shortcomings is something that all good leaders should be capable of.

Author — 6íχCønfěssíøns


God I loved this man!! Obama is a class act through and through

Author — N W


Great interview and professional President. Listen to the words he carefully chooses, even about the media. I didnt always agree with him, but we could sure use his type of approach now.

Author — Hank Mike



Great response to that question. He injects himself into the scenario to also take responsibility for the negative aspects while offering a viable and bipartisan response.

Leaving it unanswered VERY responsibly.

Author — BananaClipse


Love him or hate him this is how a real president carries himself and why he got two terms.



Remember when we had an intelligent president? I miss those days. Whether I agreed with his decisions or not, I always knew it was at least thought out and discussed with other highly intelligent people.

Author — William Thompson


This man is such a kind, thoughtful, magnanimous, intelligent, ect... I could go on and on and on!!! President Obama is without a doubt one of the best American Presidents ever!!! And he is one of the best people ever, a truly good person, without a doubt!!! I only wish that we could elect this great man to the office of the President again and again!!!

Author — Phyllis Ruth Mick


I’m glad that we have Obama.
Social media might not be the best thing that has happened to us but we have a choice of either listening to something decent or nonsense

Author — Le Kiknadze


This was the election I lost everything for helping the best leader.
The people that hate came after me every day. I knew what I was getting into.
I stand by what my heart and mind tells me. Obama was the best choice.

Author — my last day


"We are just temporary occupants of this office; it's up to us to leave the instruments of democracy at least as strong as we found them."

Author — Kush Patel


That’s a very very good interview I love it thank you so much

Author — Rodolf Cabrera


That is part of the problem. Everyone is more concerned with keeping their seats rather than making a good decision for their state and our country.

Author — Natalie Cotela


What a big difference it is to listen to an educated person that was dedicated to the job that he was elected for.

Author — Anthony Jacobs


We, as an American nation have sadly gone from drinking fine wine to being entirely satisfied with eating garbage (and "liking" it).

Author — Barry F


Regardless of political party, this level of integrity, dignity, and temperament is all I want to see in a president and in every U.S. citizen.

Author — Matthias Mitchell


Elegant, Polite, Secure, Intelligent, Mature, Well-Spoken, Literate. Obama is the polar opposite of Trump in almost every way imaginable.

Author — Tim Johnson