Amiga 1200 TerribleFire 1260 Accelerator Review - Episode 121

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am reviewing the TerribleFire 1260 accelerator for the Amiga 1200. This budget accelerator makes a great addition to your lovely A1200. Today we are looking at installing it and checking out the speeds, but in the next episode we will be digging deeper into the features.

Want to buy one? AmigaStore is a great place to do that!

Want to learn more about the card? Check out the creator, Stephen Leary's forums!

0:16 - Monologue
1:26 - TF 1260 Intro
3:10 - CPU Options
5:45 - The Blizzard 040 being replaced
9:15 - Sysinfo for the 040
12:10 - ImageFX on the 040
17:05 - Installing the TF 1260
21:17 - Sysinfo on the TF 1260
23:25 - 680LC60 Limitations with my system
28:25 - ImageFX with the TF 1260
23:53 - Doug's Thoughts on the TF 1260

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💬 Comments

I'm still running an ACA-1231 accelerator in my 1200 (since 2011). Works great and haven't had any issues, but the new breed of accelerators is making me think twice! Great video Doug!

Author — Eric Nelson


Thank you for this video. I've had my eye on one of these so I can replace my ACA1221lc, and this is a nice 10 minute demo (with 27 minutes of bonus footage!) of what one of these puppies can do. ;) Just gotta save up enough beans to order one, but once I do this is gonna be a super nice upgrade.

Author — LeftoverBeefcake


Good review. I think the TF-1260 is a nice card when I look at what it is. I did have an TF-1230, but sold it and I am running a Tsunami-1230 instead. But I have thought about a TF-1260 with the good CPU. But as you mention. Too expensive for what it is. Unless you absolutely just need one and can not live without. Most of the times, an 030 is good enough and will give you plenty of joy.

Author — brostenen


The plug and play aspects of the Amiga is just mindblowing. As you said trying to plug in a new cpu in a pc of the same era it would be a lot of tinkering needed with different stuff both hardware and sofware wise just to get it to boot, but on the Amiga just boom! Off she goes! Amazing they did that this early on. I got myself a Terrible Fire TF534 card with a 030 @33MHz plus MMU and a FPU for my good ol' A500 and she just flies now. And again it was just plugging it in and it worked. No tinkering required. I'm so spoiled now to have a CF drive with all my games and software installed on it and no longer have to diskswap every few minutes, though I do miss that lovely noise the drive makes. It's just a beloved childhood memory of mine sitting down playing games like Chuck Rock when I was just 4 or 5 years old and hear that drive clicking and buzzing away. Hope you can get your hands on a good RC060 for your gal.

Author — Burkman1989


Lovely review =D With the latest firmware, you can run the LC060 at 95Mhz!!! I've been running mine at 95Mhz for months now and provided you have a heatsink and fan, it's rock solid stable.

Author — GadgetUK164 - Retro Gaming Repairs & Mods


I strangely had the same issue. I ordered a modern redo of the processor board on my a4000 (originally the a3640 board) with an LC060 with no FPU. The a3660 card worked for games and some apps but most apps that could detect the 060 expected the FPU and crashed or guru’ed the machine. Adpro, Final Calc and many more.

I ended up using my 040 processor card more than the LC 060 processor card since the 040 has an FPU built in.

In the end I bought a full rev 6 version of the 060 with FPU. Very fast and works to 75Mhz. Found one on eBay for $150. Doug’s right though: they now go for about $350 and are completely worth it.

Author — Baud ToTheBone


I have to wonder, does this also make an impact on game performance? Willing to bet it eliminates slowdown for the most part.

Author — Desert Rain


Thing is.. IF you use a 68LC060. you NEED to treat your machine as a 030 witthout fpu. as most 040/060 softwares defaults to have a FPU so you will have issues.. but if you install 030 software without fpu etc. it will be just fine and a really fast "030 card".

but yeah a real RC cpu is the best. especially the rev6. then most machines will run at up to 100MHz

Author — ChuckyGang


Hey Doug. Thanks for another informative video. Can you (well, anyone really) tell me where to find the correct 68060.library for this LC 060 please? I've looked on Aminet but can only find the Phase5 library. Would this suffice, or am I looking for a generic library?

Author — Ray Niblock


Man, if I know one guy in the Amiga community that really needs a full 68060 chip, it’s you buddy 🤗
I know a seller here in Denmark, I will ask him if he still has some rev.6 left.
Thanks for a nice review, cheers 🍻



Confession: I paid $500 for a full rev. 6. (Love the 95mhz stable frequency though) spicy little tamale under load though. ;)

Author — [mi.low]


For playing games I wouldn't really go for anything over an 030. There are workarounds for a lot of compatibility issues but really I struggle to see what someone would get from an 060 without FPU versus an FPU-less 030 for non-3d games. For FPU-oriented image processing and 3d work an 040 with FPU should outperform an 060 without. I remember there's an FPU slot on the 1200 but I think it's clocked to mainboard speed. Chris Edwards did a video on adding one. I wonder if you could use an LC 060 with a 68881/2 on the 1200's FPU socket or will that open a whole new can of worms?

Author — imalebowski


I have the TF-1260 with the LC Chip. But try as I might, I don't believe I have the libraries configured correctly. It takes a minute and a half to boot up to desktop icons. I'll have to plan out a free moment and bring it over to Doug to check the settings. For right now, the 1233N-40 runs nicely.

Author — Joel Marcott


My ImageFX!! Doug!!! :) Great video and timed perfectly with my next video.(you'll see) So many great options out there for MORE POWER!

Author — Hold and Modify


I got a TF 1260 for my A1200 its nice. I have got the 68060 with the FPU.

Author — John Wiesen


You could perhaps sell the 040 and put the money towards a REV 6 060, prices will only get worse as folks start thinking of upgrading the masses of new cards out there, the upcoming release of the TF360 and TF4060 won't help the situation, I have one Rev 6 but need another.

Author — uberdude25


If theres a part two, would like to see the beachball render without the fpu vs the 040 with one.

Author — Keyboard G


I have Tf1260 with LC v4 running stable @100Mhz with Beta firmware - now issues at all!

Author — Maciej Miklas


Not sure what rev is in your A4000D but if it has a the full rev6 060 pull it out and put it into the TF1260 so you can overclock it etc. Then buy a full rev5 RC 060 for the A4000 they will run all day @66Mhz should save a few $$

Author — SnoopDOS


I use oxypatcher to speed up FPU renders

Author — stefcep