Storm chasers risk their lives to go inside the eye of Hurricane Irma

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Storm chasers risk their lives to go inside the eye of Hurricane Irma 4.5
Men and women gamble big by entering the eye of the storm to collect important data to better understand these massive hurricanes.

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This guy seems like he's having!

Автор — Arthur James


Lol "David back to you..." looks around ....

Автор — Marvin Groves


Respect to these pple who risks their lives to help collect important weather data n broadcasters trying to bring us 1st hand news update👏👏

Автор — chumi05


That first chaser is the guy that helped people in Joplin after chasing the tornado there in 2011. Huge respect for him👏

Автор — Fiona


God bless them all. :) It takes a lot of courage to be there.

Автор — Pink Panther


Narrating hurricanes like is a sportcast? that is the new entertainment.

Автор — discipulo123


I couldn't stop laughing at the guy narrating at the beginning of the video. I was almost certain he was going to use the WWF wrestling phrase "it's total pandemonium!"

Автор — soulful terrain


tbh this video makes me thirsty. i want some water. going to my kitchen right now.

Автор — 김지 하이 Kim Ji-Hi


Nature will kill us all eventually. We're in a queue.

Автор — Terence


This is the guy from the Joplin tornado documentary.

Автор — Gunner Jones


Jeff Piotrowski..This man saved many lives in Joplin Missouri when he reported the tornado coming into town.
Huge respect, Mr. Piotrowski.

Автор — Burt Gummer


Just curious, the reporters who stand in the midst of hurricane are they well protected ? I always see a blue jacket, meaning are they protected from the force of nature directly hitting their chest, head etc which is kind of scary from medical POV ....stay safe !

Автор — kvisualtree


Where is the "Pilot in the air since this morning flying from Marco island to Naples FL."?

Автор — Kerri


The guy sounds like Alex Jones from Infowars. Out of breath and very emotional.

Автор — slovokia


Thrill seeking from what I see. What data, wind speed?

Автор — Carlos Merighe


okay so at what time in the vid did he go into the eye? I'm curious and want to see it.

Автор — Bwah Channel


bruh this is nothing, try being in Irma when it was a cat 5! i live in St. Thomas and during irma my friends houses were destroyed and I didn't get power for 109 days. state-siders thought irma was bad in florida, r there people still without power in Florida? i dont think so.

Автор — Andreas Bump


Thats the guy that a lot of people were watching during Harvey, thought he died for a bit when his feed went down.

Автор — cajun merc


2:44 guys like ya man just having a cig on another stormy day

Автор — Questing Guide


Good news  right there on the spot   live  !  wow..
Even though I'm watching iit now..
ABC   ya 

I'd still move to Florida   I love this ...
In CANADA we get this except it's solid ice and snow  and I do not know how we keep surviving  but we do  LOL   Oh we drink lots of Beer while it's happening  LOL

Автор — EVIL QTip