With You - AP Dhillon (Official Music Video)

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 months ago

Song - With You
Singer - AP Dhillon
Lyrics - Shinda Kahlon
Music - Rebbel
Video - AP Dhillon

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This beat is not copied or stolen. It's produced by me and AP Dhillon rightfully purchased this beat off me and now owns the exclusive rights. I'm grateful to have been part of this record 🙏

Author — @Rebbelbeats


AP DHILLON SUPREMACY! Was waiting for your new track! Now I wanna go to ITALY!

Author — @WanderersHub


I love the combination of Ap's voice, this music, and Banita, the Welsh girl. It's a match made in heaven.

Author — @codelucky


I've been hearing this on loop for 3-4 hours every day one of the best songs ever produced

Author — @blox9808


I'm from Vietnam and I knew this song by an Indian friend, now I'm addicted to it. I don't know how many times I've listened to it because the melody and meaning of the lyrics are truly amazing. Hope he makes more good songs like this in the future <3

Author — @cquynh.mp4


Playing every day before sleep, really very peaceful song as far I know.

Author — @k.chandresh1653


Love Love Love!!!

Listening on repeat now and love the fact this video is shot on iphone. Such real & raw moments, looks straight from someone's personal video diary.
AP ❤

Author — @MonkeyxMagic


Vibing right now at 2.30 am man what a song thank you ap for this masterpiece ❤

Author — @user-tj3ci6lc9f


Such beautiful depiction of kids with generational wealth❤

Author — @devashishchauhan6745


It is so nice that punjabi music industry is getting such a good artist and how each artist is battling to be in no 2nd spot. My wishes are there with you so that u remain in your peak position that is number 2. Just keep taking ashirwad from above from the GOD .. forever no 1. GOAT .. Sidhu moose wala.

Author — @ayushbaunthiyal1366


After a long time I heard a beautiful song.. spontaneous candid shots of the video. The sound engineer has done a wonderful job with the sound mixing, keeping a feel of reality romantic touch. Soothing voice, beautiful lyrics. Very well produced music. A.P.D u rock star ! God bless the team.

Author — @mjm5898


When the song is good and catchy.
You don’t have to spend much on cinematic video and production.

Author — @samuelmurmu3163


I didn't think it was ever possible to see him smile in this lifetime and here we are! :)

Author — @nosaint03


Who ever has done the harmonies for the last repeat of the chorus, what soul, what soul!!

Author — @neillbraganzalive


This is how a song sounds when you sing for your melody

Author — @chandank5266


Don't be sad that you lost her. Appreciate all those great moments you shared. Some don't get even that much in life 👍

Author — @asha802


Never been soooo obsessed with any music video than thisss 😭💗
Ohh my goodness you guyz made my standards soo high in love ❤️

Author — @smmazumder8396


This song is more romantic than the relationships I've ever been in.

Author — @theshivany


This song bring me peace... thank you ap dhillion❤

Author — @hriatzuala2173


This song always gives me a vibrant upbeat yet emotional feeling at the same 👍🤞👍

Author — @CaliRongkupGurung9638