Inside Containment 682

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Inside the 682 interviews.

Art/animation done by me
Audio from Tats TopVideos check out their channel!

Inside Containment 682. Short SCP stories.
Locations and some characters are directly from/inspired by the SCP Foundation Wiki
This video is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0

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682: You think I'm somehow inferior because you captured me.

D-Class: Dude, your literally Keter. We don't really expect you to remain captured.

Author — Dark Raven 510


D-class: you do realize that you're bragging about being uncontainable while inside a prison cell right?

Author — gargoyles9999


I just realised how amazingly huge that scp is

Author — Potatoz


It's funny, the D-class looked and sounded similar to Connor... Intentional or nah?

Author — KissMyAspergers


the SCP's voice. Borderline ASMR content lol.

Author — KissMyAspergers


Btw, watch was a foundation personnel, the D-Class was just there to hold a microphone.

Author — PetRussian


The Foundation, to be an organization capable of containing anomalies that could destroy reality itself, was not very smart in choosing those questions.

Author — El que observa


scp: lets put 682 in a box. smart people: puts scp 682 in scp 3008.

I posted this 3 years ago so I was young and naive so don't blame that I was young a better solution to this is to ask scp 343 or bring 682 near oo1 the gate guarding.

And thanks for the likes I have never got this much

Edit 2: just find out that the idea was tryed

Author — Lucus Parmar


Questions I would ask 682.
- Is your origin Earth if not then where?
- can your age be a number or should it be measured in eons.
- Are we the first humanoids you have encountered ?
- Are you the last of your kind or are you the first in a new level of evolution ?

Author — Dangerfinder treasureseeker


This deserves way more attention your art well animation is awesome

Author — ㄒ𝘬ayy4


I swear if you see 682 turning towards you it’s time to make that box thingy start moving up

Author — 05 council member


I like how they think they contained it but for the so called “containment” he is hold in a acid bath.

Author — MrFreddy312


Legit 682's voice is giving me halo 2 gravemind vibes

Author — Hunter Morris


The *real* Connor Vs 682

That other one was because he already did it but we never knew it.

Author — Cesar Victoriano


Just to clear up some confusion. Like in the description the audio is from Tats Top Video. When I made this It was my first ever video. I've seen animations for other things so I didn't think much of it. They gave me the blessing after and where cool about it.. go check them out for more great content! I am working on a SCP series and happy with what I have learned so stick around for more soon.

Author — Sentient Ape


I love ❤️ this animation, it’s so well done must have taken you months

Author — Story Writer


I love how much 682 reminds me so much of The Gravemind from Halo, down to even speaking in riddles with that smooth yet gravely voice. I could listen all day!

Author — McOreoTims 250


"What's your opinion of the foundation?"
Considering he's swimming in a giant pool of acid and they tried incredibly awful and painful things to kill him, I don't think you'll be happy with his answer.

Author — fine


I love the voice of 682, he sounds very similar to Halo's Gravemind, and that's exactly what I think he'd sound like

Author — The.Orthodox. Photographer


The artstyle is pretty sweet but the animation could obviously still be improved a lot. Would be awesome if you did more!

Author — ManchmalPfosten