Scared cats compilation Part 1

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Scared cats compilation Part 1 4

Check out these funny cats getting scared. These funny cat videos of funny scared cats will make you laugh.
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At 5:09 the sounds like he’s saying “ima kill you”

Author — Andrea Sanchez


Don't complain when they scratch Ur eyes out

Author — Jon Smith


0:17 when I see my school picture

Edit: Wow, This is the most likes I've ever gotten! Thank you everyone. I hope all of you are staying safe in the pandemic. We can get though this together ❤

Author — The Raidiance


5:08 : Cat begins to chant ancient feline curse

Owners: *LAUGH*

Author — Yasss


2:42 you are mistaken this is a cotton ball

Author — worm


"When the ears go flat, you'd better get back."

Author — Richard Merriam


I was expecting cats scaring themselves and their owners actually stressing them.

It's ok if you and the cat are playing, but not deliberate like 80% of these.

Author — Kendrick Roche Lanzot


Some of this, I feel, is just sadistic to cats just for people to snicker and laugh and get their own jollies; taunting and scaring them for your own jollies. Cats aren't here for this; they have their dignity and not to be looked at as a clown, to be forced to wear costumes. Truly bonding with a cat, dog, bird etc. is what it's all about. We should respect cats as they are and always try more and more to understand them and what they're trying to tell us or are feeling. My roomate's cat will run down the hallway, when I call his name, to see me off to work. He'll swat me with his paw, claws retracted, when I pet him good-bye. He doesn't want me to go and is upset. He has such a sad look. He'll jump up on my loft bed and a lot of times lay down face to face with me and fall asleep, or sleep at the end of my bed. Our pets aren't our circus animals for our jollies. And neither are circus animals!

Author — 22130tulips


1:01 I dont blame the cat for being scared... we all feel your pain.. lol 😂😂🤣😂

Author — Treana Lee


Lol that cat ran from trump. He probably thought he was going to get deported to the pound.

Author — Ms Coco


Dogs: They feed us, they must be Gods
Cats: They scare us, they must




Why do people find humor in terrifying there cats? Anyone else think this is a little sadistic?

Author — Darren Werner


3:40 that face always makes me laugh hahaha!! 🤣

Author — Evany Soteldo


3:10 I understand how you feel, kitty.

Author — gg454lune


It’s really very unkind to purposefully stress your pets. Cats in particular need a home where they can feel safe.

Author — 1fotcn


3:11 Damn even the cat don't like donald trump.

Author — George Davis


Owner: BOO!
Cat: (plays it off) hi

Author — Clarissa Jackson


3:28 даже коты убедились в том, что все бабы странные существа😅

Author — Voices and more


3:08 that meow is soo cute
Why did they had to scare it

Author — FR0STED


Coming up and just say "this video make my day"

Author — Fajar Nugroho