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We are proud to present the E.3 - Eugen Enin - VOD that we shot back in May 2018 in Tokyo, Japan with Vincent Lindgren
A Temple & Borklyn Zoo Production
Starring Eugen Enin

Shot & Edited by Vincent Lindgren & Daniel Enin
Color Grading by Anders Bergén

Directed by Vincent Lindgren

Shot on location in Tokyo, Japan

Duration: Section - 9 min. / B-roll + Commentary - 54 min.

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Possibly the best rollerblade edit I've ever seen. Absolutely incredible

Author — James Young


There are 5 levels of blading:
1. beginner
2. intermediate
3. advanced
4. pro
5. eugen

Author — ElectricSlurpee


eugen is just an absolute wizard i cant even comprehend how he can skate this flawlessly

Author — Mike Ricci


Let's just all take a minute to appreciate how amazing this was.. not only was it a consistent amount of fire footage but it was practically 9mins long.... WOW fire

Author — Keezy TV


Это одно из самых крутых видео! Женя ты как всегда ультра максимально крут! Трюки технически очень сложные, катка стильная. Видео чем дальше смотрю тем сильнее хочется смотреть еще ))) Интересно и стильно снято. Никогда не перестаешь удивлять Женьок ! Дай Бог тебе и дальше в телесном и духовном здравии всех удивлять своим катанием !!! Супер!

Author — Путь Домой


Absolutely insane. The skill, the sound, the cinematography is unparalleled.

Author — William


Where to even start....eugen enin puttin down some serious work revolutionizing skating 1 video edit at a time....hands down best technical skater their is no one can come close to him when it comes to real street skating

Author — Jimmy Waldron


One of the most creative skaters of this generation, I am never disappointed when I watch Eugen!

Author — Adam Topliss


Shima will always be my favorite since he got me into blading but here I was thinking Jeff Stockwell is the smoothest blader until I saw just one more Eugen Enin video out there. Keep it going Mr. Enin!

Author — BladerNation


this, this is the edit of 2019. INSANE... so many tricks I haven't seen before. yes

Author — Alex S


Was waiting for him to finale on those insane 7:07 rails but fair fucking game Eugen! One of the most underrated athletes in one of the worlds most underrated sports. Pure art!

Author — Liam Jobey


Your Wu Tang Style is strong. You have completed the task before you with great skill... I have given it much thought. It seems disaster must come, at best only postponed. Shaolin Gong Fu, to survive, must now be taught to more young men and young women. We must expand. Get more pupils so that the knowlege will spread.

Author — Mada Yeldarb


I may not like Eugen's nugens but I can not deny that this part is a masterpiece!

Author — MadFCat


Watching your creative skating in Japan is 9 minutes of time well invested. Definitely gonna keep my eyes peeled for the next one so i can buy before it hits youtube

Author — Pierre Chevarie


Absolutely phenomenal... this is one of the best edits I've seen in a long time.

Author — ApotheosiZ


Watching a Master roll in his Masterroll. Almost feels unreal watching this.

Author — FreeRide Ziege


I Kno it was only a 5 flat 4 stair but that last trick was beast. The whole section was so sick. Mad props.

Author — James Barker


Coming back to this 2 years later and just being absolutely stunned all over again. Eugen Enin absolutely up there for GOAT imo - ridiculously talented, creative and stylish to back it up. Huge amounts of love for this

Author — Alex


That's the cleanest aggressive skating video I've ever seen. Beautiful work and incredible skill put into that! 🤙🏻

Author — Marshall Jackson


I also bought this a few months ago, but it is also worth to watch it again! Just amazing! Und Eugen, auch vielen Dank an dich und alle die in den Videos involviert sind, wie z.B. Sven und co. für die immer wieder geilen und vor allem motivierenden Clips!!! Chapeau bas 🔥

Author — SkaMiDan — Skating School & Skateshop