Rivalling Wimbledon's greatest tie-break?

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Rivalling Wimbledon's greatest tie-break? 4.5

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer do battle in the Wimbledon final...

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The crowds are siding with Federer and that's fine everyone have their favorites, but let's show respect for Novak for his glorious winning. It's awful when people always comment that Novak is a disgrace of tennis about him being a clown, etc. etc. You see, he came from probably the poorest background compare to Federer, Nadal or Murray, his country was still at war at his childhood but he shows great determination to be tennis champion to reach his dream. So proud of Novak.

Author — Michelle Ursula


federer = great
djokovic = great
umpire = great
ball boy or girl = great
crowd = foolish

Author — niche4645


Even in 2019 the crowd was against Novak and he got through... We dont call him a Mental beast for no reason!!!

Author — Sathya


Best medicine for arrogant crowd.Novak winning the Title.

Author — CMJ


wow everyone is pro federer except djokovic's box...

Author — Sam's Movies


Two great players with the world's most horrible spectators. They showed ignorance towards Novak whereas they should've applauded both and enjoy the game!!

Author — supercat380


the british crowd rivaled the french with how obnoxious they were this year

Author — roter13


2019 part 2: rivaling Wimbledon’s greatest set

Author — Meridian


He won the battle but my guy Novak won the War💯

Author — Karreil2525


It's funny that the happiest moment of Wimbledon for British crowd was tie-break won by Swiss in the match he eventually lost either way.

Author — lookaug


I was rooting for Novak. Crowd was creepy. Novak is an aware, intelligent person. People just can't handle that.

Author — scout


epic match although federers backhand was nonexistent that match

Author — manuls23


Today was Wimbledon's greatest tie-break!!! BRAVO NOLE

Author — Vitez Koja


the beauty of tennis! (apart from the crowd)

Author — J024


why do people dislike djokovic still? hes #1 and very likable; i feel like he should have more fans cheering for him

Author — Henry Liu


Serve and volley on a second serve behind 6-7 in the tiebreak.  Wow, talk about risk.  Glorious!  Doesn't matter who you are a fan of; if you are a tennis fan, you know the above is awesome.

Author — Madan Mohan


The crowds is siding with Federer.! ??
Because the other part of crowd is multitude of poor and invisible people who watch the game at home...We can't hear them and see them, but Nole knows that very well! :)

Author — Natasha Hersh


English snobs and arrogance is so prevalent

Author — ucfkid67


You'd think that Wimbledon could afford some decent chairs for the players.

Author — Fact Man


To be fair i think Federer knew he was beat even after winning this 2nd set, probably wasn't feeling too good, his celebration was subdued and that set took everything he had left

Author — Jchneo