Crossout #632 ► OCTOPOD - Massive Mad Max Style Mech - Fusion Build & Gameplay

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

#OctopodFusion is a massive war mech build in #Crossout which is designed for PvE, but with slight mods it can also work in PVP. It's very unique design and has never been done before!

What makes it so different from all other fusions, is the height of it. This beast mech is equipped with wheeled legs, giving it ability to either drive or walk!

Watch out for this best mech build in the post apocalyptic world of Crossout, it can roam the open world or appear right before you in PvP!


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Awesome build sethioz and very like that retro music in the backround.. keep up good work! btw try to make fuse with pyro rockets if you can would be nice to see that on battlefield😆👌

Author — MRKSMNN


They really should have a main link(designating the one cabin with the connector as the driver turning all sub connectors partially transparent)

And a sub connector ( lose all driving commands upon linking and like the main turn the rest if the connected transparent)

Author — Tony Pham nguyen


thanks for the ride ;)
cant wait for the next one!

Author — Shark Nado Crossout


I've seen spiders in Australia that big, not kidding look it up, I don't know how they live there
in normal cities, you fold a newspaper to kill a spider, in Australia the spiders fold newspapers and hit you back

Author — NoMercy


Is leave as soon as possible if i see this thing coming towards me

Author — Erazaph