New Hallmark Movies 2021

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I am so happy I watched this movie. Everything was amazing, from the writing to directing, wonderful actors with great chemistry. This is definitely one of Hallmark's best. Not like the usual snooze fest.

Author — Shanelia Cupido


One of the best Hallmarks for a long long time.
Great chemistry between the two leads.
Storyline enough outside the the cookie cutter script box to seem fresh.
Good production values.
Nice scenery.
I want to go to that oyster bar!!!

Author — Neil R


What an awesome, awesome movie!! Great chemistry Erin & Tyler has in this movie. A beautiful love story. Thanks Hallmark!!!

Author — Dawn Moore


Tyler was absolutely the star of this movie. Such a seamless actor and a pleasure to watch!

Author — Tsenge


Now…. THAT’S a great package: inspiring movie, good script and actors and a great upload!👏👏👏

Author — MIsa Lori


Filme sensacional!! Belíssimo!!! O MELHOR!!!

Author — Ana Claudia Sousa


This would have to be my absolute favourite hallmark movie, and I've seen many! Insanely good chemistry, beautiful storyline and fabulous acting. Thanks for a flawless upload.

Author — Nat M


I really enjoyed this movie alot, what a great chemistry😊

Author — Nadine Umutoni


In every film, this man makes you fall in love with him

Author — Thomas Lucia


This is by far the best ever Hallmark !! ❤💕 Love them xo

Author — mereana tautu


I absolutely loved it. What a beautiful movie!

Author — nusrat10


Really enjoyed this movie, had stopped watching Hallmark as got tired of some of trying too hard movies but this one was refreshing, maybe the great chemistry the actors have? Thanks from New Zealand

Author — Solange Mundaca


For a romcom this plot wasn't bad (which isn't saying much imo) and it was certainly a step-up compared to standard hallmark; but it was saved by solid performances from the cast.
I think the editing could've been smoother but given how quickly they churn these things out I guess that's understandable.

I avoided this 1 for a long time cos I thought these 2 leads together would be meh - both too nice. But if you're gonna put these 2 together a love-hate relationship was a good idea I think.

(NB Erin's hair! Found that off-puting throughout. Perms were dreadful first time around)

Author — Susie


Incredible movie. A must watch; the chemistry is on point.

Author — selina harilal


I really love this movie so much. Can watch it over and over. Thanks Hallmark.

Author — Tita Baker


Lovely movie, Erin and Tyler great chemistry. 1st movie of Tyler that I've watched he is amazing so natural. Beautiful together. Thanks for this lovely movie. 1 of my best. ❤❤❤

Author — Marianne van Rooyen


I love this movie! It's clear they love each other.

Author — THE NAE' _NAE'


I have watched this so many times and I still keep coming back again. Great upload thank you, excellent actors.

Author — Merylin Artist


This movie was the best, amazing film ever played 👏👌

Author — shinayza shiraaz


Love this movie and this is a great copy - thanks for the upload!

Author — justjast