Snipers at Maidan: The untold story of a massacre in Ukraine - Newsnight

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Snipers at Maidan: The untold story of a massacre in Ukraine - Newsnight 4.5
A day of bloodshed on Kiev's main square, nearly a year ago, marked the end of a winter of protest against the government of president Viktor Yanukovych, who soon afterwards fled the country. More than 50 protesters and three policemen died. But how did the shooting begin? Protest organisers have always denied any involvement - but one man told the BBC a different story. Gabriel Gatehouse reports.

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Now, if only the BBC would come clean on those lies they put out about the Odessa Massacre victims and how the fire got started. The false testimony of a random witness that was used to blame the victims for killing themselves is absolutely shameful 'reporting' and the BBC owes the families of the victims an apology. Once that takes place maybe you could also explain why the BBC deleted the BBC Russia report on MH-17eye witnesses. Your hands are not clean....especially when you cover for a corrupt fascist regime that is conducting false flags and killing their own citizens in order to pin false blame on Russia who had nothing to do with the US's instigated coup. 

Author — go west


The trees that had bullet holes from that tragic video were chopped down a few days after, and Kiev said they just had to clean Maidan. Basically all these happenings all were very well planned - Odessa, Sniper killings, Volnovakha bus killing (even dumb ass can see that it was a mine not Grad system. You should understand that Kiev hides a lot of truth in this story. CIA Big time in this game....

Author — Николай


Welcome to Ukraine where you are never free!

Author — Rob Gant


Despite ostensibly being an expose revealing new information, this report appears to be something of a whitewash, hiding certain important info and making a central false claim that is key to the whole event. Why does Gatehouse claim that Hotel Ukraine was in the hands of government forces? It was general knowledge that it was a base for the protesters. He states that shots came from the conservatory but a far larger number of shots came from the Hotel (which he claims was in the hands of the goverment). This report serves only to take the edge off accusations about the role of those now in power in the shootings on the 20th.

Author — 2legs2armsetc


Let's stay true to the facts, everybody can agree to:

- in a democracy, there is one way to change government: by free elections. not by violent overthrow!
From My understanding, free elections can only be held, when no tanks are rolling through any streets in any region. 30% overall voter turnout in "liberated" areas like Mariupol and Odessa don't really help to make things look like an improvement Yanukovich's former "Party of the Regions" is constantly loosing members through assaniations. If the "free press" takes notice (what itself is rarely the case) - they uniquely come to the conclusion that this of course is because of internal cleansings. Some former Party members or some dark shadow in the background seem to "delete their traces" - of course, I guess it's always them... wasn't this party founded by some guy called "petro porochenko"?

Author — JosipRadnik1


search: Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders - leaked EU's Ashton phone tape

Author — grannyshrek


Lmao "12 gauge shotgun" "HiGh VeLoCiTy RoUnDs" jfc

Author — Martin the Music Making Musket Man


obama said they are peaceful protesters

Author — everson


Same thing happening now at Hong Kong...

Author — NG Leo


in the mean time the whole world is hush hush trying to keep this from being seen

Author — Struggle


The last words: "You have to defend your country".
I am German - my grandfather was a wonderful person killed at war and merited for bravery defending comrades.
He even did not believe in Nazism.
How many wonderful human beings have to die being forced or even believing in a such dark force like the Neocon-powered Ukrainian Government or Nazi-Germany carrying good intentions of protection while fighting other good guys on the other side. That is so very tragic.

Author — Straub Ottmar


Some of the shooters were arrested by Berkuts (ukranian assault police) and they were from Baltic countries, but after they were arrested, the Ukranian secret service took them, and they just dissapair... and all the informs of their arrestment

Author — Weber Zorro


The elites had secret snipers murder them so they could destabilize this entire country. But we are almost out of their grip!

Author — JerryKanMan


The most of the snipers came from "American Black Water"Team. With the order to push the Escalation. The same Team that was the first in irak, , Afghanistan, , and lybien...and..and....and

Author — Oli Rhaue


It seems that the world will never get to hear any of this in a Kyiv courtroom. Like MH 17 the legend will go on and the story will die of neglect.

Author — Kevin Quinn


I've not seen evidence of the police (Berkut) killing protesters. But this German report (with English subtitles) shows proof of something else on YouTube:

"German TV 10.4.14 Who were the Maidan snipers Ukraine"

Author — Lodewijk Langeweg


" Their corrupt government". A convenient way for the media to cover for the activities of certain friends of theirs. The work of desperate persons. Certain bankers and media are at or near the top of the list of desperate persons in the world as their activities become more widely known. Jesus Christ suffered and died to save the world. Anti Christ Israel expects the world to suffer and die to save them.

Author — John Smith


I like how the BBC just cuts out the clip of the guy shooting from the hotel window where the reporter/camera man says "I can see his green helmet, he's a protester"

Author — Bomber Harris


follow the link below to an RT show related to this

Author — Zarathrustrasite


And what about Fascists? Hhh? Nothing?

Author — Velesův Žrec