Did Trump Break the Law by Altering Hurricane Dorian Map?

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Did Trump Break the Law by Altering Hurricane Dorian Map? 4.5
If, as some suspect, the President took a Sharpie to the Weather Bureau's map of the path of Hurricane Dorian, then Donald Trump may have landed himself in a 'Water-Gate' of his own making. #LSSC #Monologue #Colbert

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George Washington: "I cannot tell a lie!"
Richard Nixon: "I cannot tell the truth!"
Donald Trump: "I cannot tell the difference.

Author — Red Button TV1


Correct a wise man and he will thank you, correct a foolish man and he will hate you.

Author — cory ce


Trump's actions are no joke. He needs to go--Straight to jail. A
long with his family and Moscow Mitch and his cohorts in the Repub. Senate. Crooks the whole lot of them....

Author — Jessica Brown


''Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland''
me: ''now I've seen everyt...''
''Donald Trump drew on a weather forecast''
me: ''okay, now I've seen everyt....''
''Donald Trump wanted to nuke Dorian the tornado''
me: 🤪

Author — henkman00


Everyday he does something ridiculous and everyday I'm amazed he's president of America, lmao. It's still so surreal.

Author — inkoftheworld


When you're that desperate to prove you're not the fool that you definitely are.

Author — Fred A


This is just sad to see. A US president. Imagine that.

Author — Legacy Robot


It's funny at first, after a while you realize what a catastrophe if he is re-elected. The joke is on us.

Author — Delfina Anaya


To save everyone time, any question that begins with "Did Trump break the law by-" the answer is yes. Altering maps? Yes. Sharing classified data? Yes. Wearing that suit? Yes.

Author — Thomas Palazzolo


Thank you Stephen Colbert

Appreciate your care and concern for the Bahamian people #242🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸🇧🇸 #BahamaStrong #HurricaneDorianRelief

Author — Toyin McKinney


Nixon: "War on Drugs"
W: "War on Terror"
Trump: "War on Reality"

Author — Grackle2012


Everyone asks, “Why is Donald Trump?” and “When is Donald Trump?”

Rarely do we ask, “How is Donald Trump?”

And the answer to that is, he’s not okay. Very. Not. Okay.

Author — Kris LaWho


Amongst many of the Emperor's accomplishments, now we can add that " He gave the hurricane map a boob job"...😎

Author — Gman


Future generations will remember Trump the same say we remember characters like Nero or Caligula.

Author — dgracey01


Mr Trump!!! Having Stormy in bed doesn't mean you're a weather expert.

Author — Miss Tee


Can President Trump embarrass the United States in front of the whole world any more than he already has?
Trump: _"Hold my beer."_

Author — Roland Syyles


If Obama did this they'd spend 24/7/365 calling for impeachment and expressing fake outrage... #tansuit

Author — Mark Burch


Same guy who called journalist pretending to be his own publicist. Haha serious daddy issues. What a psychopath

Author — AC H


Is this "person" REALLY your POTUS? WTF!!!
HELP, please! Love from France

Author — Steven Cooper


Alternate facts sometimes requires alternate maps.

Author — Emanuel Lawton