A Deep Look into the Biology and Evolution of COVID-19

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A Deep Look into the Biology and Evolution of COVID-19 4.5

(00:11 - Introduction - Suresh Subramani, 04:25 - Big Picture Questions About COVID-19 - Emily Troemel, 14:58 - The SARS-CoV-2 Virus - Matt Daugherty, 29:22 - Predicting the Next Pandemic - Justin Meyer, 41:45 - Group Discussion)
UC San Diego infectious disease researchers provide an overview of the biology and evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, cause of COVID-19 disease which is sweeping the globe in a pandemic. They share their expertise in the dynamics of host-pathogen interactions and viral life-cycles and how they relate to this global challenge. [Show ID: 35811]

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Thanks for making this available outside the academic world - I'm 83 in Ireland and thoroughly enjoyed 'stretching my brain' and I learned a lot also.

Author — Elizabeth Cleary


People are dying while officials are dying
And nobody knows just why.
It was 2002 when the crap hit the fan,
In the Chinese city Wuhan.
What a mess they have caused,
Now that the world has paused
\Waiting for the ships to come in.
Like 2002-3, Corona ran free,
But this time with vigor and vim.
So who was to blame

Was it Chinese trade shame?
Or a New World Order game,
Or population control gone awry.
FAKE NEWS to be sure,
Will capitalize more
And blame Trump again and again.

Author — Raymond warren


Could you address the way the fe2 and fe3 in relation to the red blood cells unable to carry the 02. And that a drug like hydrochloroquine combined with zinc and a zpak added if pneumonia should develop are ending symptoms with 9 to 12 hours in repeated trials.

Author — Blue marley


A first rate lecture which I need to watch a few times due to the fact it opens new insights and views to SARS 2 + my brain has a limited RAM and processing capacity and hard drive.Many thanks ds

Author — Louise and Dave Snow


What a great presentation. It is wonderful to know that we have such smart people in the world who would take the time to explain in detail to the rest of us in such a way that we understand, Many thanks, stay safe. Yes please do more videos, much appreciated.

Author — The Sentinel


Thank goodness for the internet that can bring intelligent and knowledgeable people together that can shed some rational light during these difficult times.

Author — Gerald Myers


The biggest fault in terms of preventing the spreading of this is that the majority of people getting tested already show severe symptoms rather than those that show slight symptoms or are potentially asymptomatic. Because really, testing those that already show sympotoms is like taking a pregnancy test when you're 6+ months along, haven't had a period, and are already showing in the abdomen.

Author — Sheikah Chu


00:11 Introduction (Suresh Subramani)
04:25 Big Picture Questions About COVID-19 (Emily Troemel)
14:58 The SARS-CoV-2 Virus (Matt Daugherty)
29:22 Predicting the Next Pandemic (Justin Meyer)
41:45 Group Discussion

Author — uTubeStalker DotCom


You can't make an "insanely safe" vaccine in 18 months - so no - 18 months is not a reasonable expectation.

Author — Lauren Snyder


Thank you for the precious gift of your time, your life-long learning and your wisdom. I find your discussion so engrossing and an actual relief from the "NEWS" and "SOCIAL MEDIA" where I don't have a clue what to believe or how to know what is anything near the TRUTH. You are honest, base your sharing on the data as you know it through scientific exploration and lifelong learning. I might not like all that I heard you say, but I appreciate hearing the truth. Your step by step teaching for those of us who are not scientists or used to the jargon has helped me to understand some of the nature of this virus, how we have learned through past epidemics, what we can expect from this virus and future viruses. From Justin's response to his own family and friends, I appreciate that my job is to live one day at a time and it is also my responsibility to cooperate giving each of us and all of us the best opportunity of survival and flattening the curve of occurrence. From your discussion of open sourcing, sharing of global professionals, encourages me to do all that I can to help those who are full of fear, who need reassurance, who need some one to call or text. We all have unique important gifts to share in support of the larger picture. Thank you for modeling this by preparing this video for us. Please do more of this. You are appreciated. For me it is easier to cope when I feel I have solid information.

Author — Carol P. Vaccariello


Thanks to the University of California Scientists for making and sharing this very informative video relating to the coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic.

I do not have scientific or higher levels of education, simply a uk pensioner with a general education and past career... but I found the video very interesting and managed to understand the basics and shared the science and its objectives to help us all defeat this relatively unknown virus and learn from it to help prevent or slow down future global pandemics... THANK YOU!!


Author — ROBINonUT


Oh my God, we have an all star lineup to discuss everything that has captivated the world. Thank you so much for your time and your ability to share your knowledge with all of the terrified across America (that would be me). My wife’s cousin died of COVID19 two weeks ago in Los Angeles. With that, our family has been impacted and we are all very worried as her children and husband have also been infected. They have survived, but who knows if there will be other issues associated with their illness. We are deeply appreciative of your time.

Author — Warren Timothy


Please do more of these in-depth talks.

Author — thompsonjan2


Thank you for this excellent, fact based presentation. There are so many contradictory second and third hand assertions from media sources that it's difficult for an individual to know what to believe and consequently how to behave. Please do more, and please encourage your colleagues to do the same.

Daily, I see reliable, scientific information sources being smothered by motivated reasoning...popular myths, hearsay, political agendas, and apparently, as was pointed out at the end, misdirected greed.

After spending a lifetime as a scientist, I have been amazed by humanity's failure to learn lessons from the past.

Perhaps, at an appropriate time, it would be a good idea to create some sort of national public educational program covering lessons learned and highlighting appropriate and inappropriate public actions to take when, as you have indicated, we face the next crisis.

Two points:
Who every the person was at the outbreak that described Covid-19 as "like the flu" did an incredible disservice to us all.

As we have seen, that description caught on and gave people an unjustified sense of security which we still haven't been able to shake.

Secondly, the information that initially came out and categirized the disease as only dangerous to the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions has created a class of "expendables" that have become a part of some sort of inane, inhumane cost benefit analysis.

I mention this because I think it incumbent on experts to carefully choose their words before they unleash irresistible beliefs and cause irreparable behavioral harm to the public.

Author — D. Kanon


This was extremely helpful and I agree, clear, concise, respectful, professional and accessible. Appreciate the moderating too. Well done! Thank you.

Author — Marva Wisdom


"Quantitative PCR is a Oxymoron, PCR by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers, a common misimpression that the viral load test actually count the numbers of viruses in the blood. These test cannot detect free infectious viruses. The test can can detect particles of a virus, but not the virus itself." --- The late Dr. Kary Mullis (RIP), who won the Noble Peace prize for discovering the PCR test.

Author — Bobby Clemente


See my comments below re this professor's statement it   first came to the attention of the WHO in New Years Eve p of  2019; I uncovered the first cases came through to Wu Han Central hospital on early Dec and the two doctors  that tried to alert the world back then one is dead confirmed and the other just went missing last week  for not obeying the political police demand to shut up about it Eugene Ellis Esq. J.D., LL.B. Legal research and trial Attorney

Author — Gene Ellis


The answer at 43:23 is fascinating. Some of the viruses that newly enter the human population essentially "haven't learned to live with us"! By that, it means that the aggressive ones end up killing too many of us such that they eventually also lose their habitats.

Thus, the viruses have to mutate and lower their lethality to settle at some equilibrium point such that they continue to propagate their patterns.

Author — John P


Do more of these if you have time. This was instructive for lay people who are interested and want expert knowledge. Thanks.

Author — Robyn Allison


Wow, this is an amazing presentation. Thank You Suresh, Emily, Matt and Justin for taking the time to explain in such depth and in some manner easy to understand language. Being a student of a 2 yr massage therapy program (we were 9 wks away from last class when everything shut down) we have learned a great deal about pathophysiology. I have truly appreciated your time and effort to help us folks learn about this particular virus.

Author — Georgina Bastien