How to Make Classic Pad Thai | Cooking with Poo

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How to Make Classic Pad Thai | Cooking with Poo 5

Poo’s back FoodTubers and this time she’s got a classic Pad Thai recipe to share with you. Fresh juicy prawns stir fired with tofu, crunchy veg and egg fried rice noodles. Serve with a wedge of lime, chilli powder and crushed peanuts – better than any takeaway and cheaper!

NEWS: Since filming with us the Cooking With Poo kitchen in Thailand has suffered a devastating fire. While no one was hurt, the entire cooking school building, Poo's home along with the homes of her parents and neighbours have been completely destroyed.
Money is being raised to reopen the school – vital in giving those living in the slums a good future and money left over will help to re-house Poo, her family and friends.

Our friends on the Food Tube Network Tobie Puttock, Food Busker and Danny McCubbin have recipes from her book on their channels.
Watch them here:

Alternative- Sweet radish gives Thai food a unique sweet and salty flavour but it can be difficult to source. While you can leave sweet radish out altogether adding tamarind paste will add a sweet and sour flavour that can be used as a substitute ingredient.
But guys if you know of any other good alternatives, tell us! We love to hear from you

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Cooking with Poo! LOL I had to click on it

Author — Jimmy Page


"Someone no understand put in the egg mix together now sticky. NOT BEAUTIFUL." - best line ever!!

Author — eriquerique


"Cooking with Poo" 

I know I'm not allowed to laugh at someones name, but this is just hilarious xD

Author — Tomskii5


Just one of my favorite dish on planet earth. love that.

Author — Alex


I think she forgot to put the Tamarind paste, obviously you can see that she has already prepared the Tamarind at the beginning of the video (the one that look like a real poo 0:17) and when she talks about the crushed peanuts 0:34 you can see that there's a small tray contained with brown water that is the result from Tamarind+water.

Normally we put the Tamarind paste (water) together with the water to add a little sourness to the Pad Thai, as you may know most of Thai food should be equally seasoned with salty, sweet and sour. In Austria where I live, it is quite difficult to find fresh Tamarind. But luckily, there are some Asia Shops that sell Tamarind paste. Tamarind is probably one of the most important flavour in Pad Thai, it gives a citrus flavour that is not too strong and is not over powering the lime.
I hope this could help you !

Author — Mr. Thammathi


I love the way she talks "the egg make sticky, that not beautiful" 😂

Author — Anmol Kumar


''poo'' means ''crab'' in Thai... meanwhile, Thai people are struggling trying to say ''crab'' and make it don't sound like ''crap'', so they're most likely to order fried rice with crap instead of fried rice with crab. Another funny thing is that the Thai word for winter melon is ''fuck'' (seriously) and ''me'' in Thai means ''to have something'', ''there is'', ''there are'', so when you ask them if there is any winter melon, don't mistake it when they answer ''fuck me'', they're saying ''there's a winter melon''

Author — NoWhereEveryWhere


I'm in Thailand now!  Poo really is doing the authentic recipe.  I fekin love POO!!!!
Poo rocks!!!!  Her other videos are very good too!
Who cares how good her English is....she's a great cook and teacher with great hints and tips!
Go poo!!!

Author — John Clarkson


Lads I know your target audience consist, most likely, of people who doesn't care for subtitles, but a quick feedback from a fan of the channel: Let your team speak their native language more often, add some subtitles like you did with this video, I feel like the it would be more dynamic that way. I'd love videos with Gennaro and Simone speaking Italian, as well Felicitas speaking Spanish. Cheers from Brazil!

Author — Rafael Cardozo


People in public would interpret her tshirt wrongly

Author — Marquez23


Call me immature, but I laughed my ass off when I saw Cooking with Poo!

Author — Pedro Jorge


Only a true chef can cook with poo, takes many years of practice

Author — T GOD


I like how i can fully understand her even if her English is a bit sharp around the edges.

Author — OldeVikingOriginal


this is very authentic! well done FoodTube!

Author — oktaecyoong


I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Love the fact that this lady who obviously does not have English as her mother tongue has been able to end up cooking in Jamie's famous Love her simple recipe and love the fact that JO Food Tube has posted this vid. Would LOVE to see more South East Asian recipes which are simple enough to cook at home. There are tons of cookbooks and restaurants in Australia that do SEA food but I would love to see more videos showing us how to accomplish those tasty meals at home! PS: I am Malaysian myself! Big LOVE to JO!

Author — MsCat3333


*“I cooked with POO and I liked it”* 😂

Author — Lord H4773Rthe2nd


I couldn’t stop laughing 😂 (cooking with poo 💩)

Author — Mohammed Fozi


*LIES!!!!* She takes the poo out at 1:22!!

Author — Commander Shepard


I have a russian friend who writes his name "semen". So cooking with poo is perfectly normal don't worry about it

Author — Lightzy


I'm not going to cook this, because in six months the new Thai Pad 6s is going to come out!  

Joke aside, this looks great! 

Author — YensR