It's coming...Nissan teases the new Z!

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It's coming...Nissan teases the new Z! 5

Finally, after a much anticipated wait the new Z arrives. Z1 Motorsports will be the #1 shop for the new Z platform. We've been preparing and have a few things of our own to reveal in the coming months. Buckle up! 😎🏁

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But will it come with a manual transmission?

Author — Team Ghast


It's going to own the streets. Sad to see the NA go but happy to shut up all these boosted guys. Now on a even playing field the Z will be king.

Author — CoupeLifeVQ


The shape looks like a 240z throw back.

Author — Sam


I’m excited for the specs! I’m hoping it’s a twin turbo v6 as earlier rumors have suggested!

Author — Jonathan Garcia


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Author — Z1Motorsports


1. Twin turbo 450+ HP
2. DCT Option
3. Recaro-style seats
4. Brembros


Author — NJ ZGuy


Can't wait to see what you guys come up with for this car!

Author — AnthonyJ350


I hope it has a beefier vr30ddtt for the motor

Author — Patthepwnisher


I really really hope nissan does better with the new Z than toyota did with the crap ass new bmw "I mean supra"

Author — Bobby Holmes


I knew you all knew something was up. That April Fool's day post on IG was no joke! What a great day!

Author — Timothy Wilkinson


Can’t wait to see it in a nismo version.

Author — Gianni


Watch this thing go real old school and have a tb48 under the hood 😍

Author — guy buddy



The receipe is so simple...
- 2 seater coupé,
- light chassis,
- rear wheel drive and V6 engine up front,
- manual transmission (optional auto),

I hope its steering is not drive by wire as the current infinity is. Add the auto-trans and all the fun and joy from the ride is gone.

Author — EVER TOM


I would love for them to do a bigger displacement motor being N/A. Rather than the fashionable turbo setup these days.

Author — Chad Hunley


was that a TERRA and XTRAIL? or was that an xterra?

Author — N S


Awesome!!! If Nissan was smart they would release it with twins and put a price tag of $35K-$40K and have a upgraded Nismo version for a little more. Because even though I love the 370Z Nissan is about to price themselves out of business with a price tag of almost $50K for the Nismo 370Z. Unfortunately Nissan was repeating all of their past mistakes from the 90s 300ZX except at least you could get a twin turbo 300ZX for around $45K give or take a few. And with manufacturers like Ford, Chevy, etc making cars that are getting faster and faster the Z needs to be able to compete without costing a arm and leg or a kidney. I remember with my Z31 turbo I would usually smoke most crustangs, Camaro with ease. Just saying.

Author — Shane Smith


Looks like they want to reinvent the early z models into this one I’m all for it. Plz don’t ruin it like Toyota did with its Supra.

Author — augie pina


The internet just had a mini explosion. This AD, just an AD, has people hyped. We are all hoping this car is what we think it is.

Author — Omar Monelle


Looks like they at least got the retro rear end which will look lovely, the 2 door 2 seater +++, now let's see if it has a v6/inline 6 and turbos. The silhouette looks promising

Author — Frank Gibbs


Can't wait for this to be released as it means the price of the 370z NISMO will bomb, meaning I can buy one for peanuts! 😁

Author — David Bull