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For over three years, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group (ISIL, also known as ISIS) controlled and terrorised large swaths of northern Iraq.

Then, after it was militarily defeated and largely driven out by the Iraqi army and international forces in late 2017, local militias took over short term responsibility for law and order in some of the areas ISIL had relinquished.

They began searching for fugitives, meting out an uncompromising form of justice on captured enemy fighters and their alleged civilian collaborators who came into their hands.

One of the most reputedly vengeful of those militias operated in the strategically important Shirqat district, which lies between the cities of Tikrit and Mosul.

Unusually, its commander was a 40-year-old woman, Wahida Mohamed al-Jumaily, who's also known as Um Hanadi. She and her 80-man force had played a key role in driving ISIL out of the area and had since shown their utter determination to keep it that way.

Both intrigued and disturbed by some of the stories about Wahida's ferocity that were circulating on the internet, Dutch journalist Tom Kleijn went to meet her.

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I totally agree she should kill all those ISIS combatants and their collaborators.. This weeping journalist is part of the problem, he doesnt seem to fully grasp the very subject he is filming the documentary about... Isis would torture him and his kids to death....



Daesh and its supporters are scum, they deserve nothing but the rope

Author — TheModest Man


"Does she understand why people in the West would find this shocking?" Dude, are you kidding me? Speak for yourself, who said you could speak for the whole "West"? I don't find it shocking at all. You have a serious deficiency in your brain if you can't understand why she does what she does.

Author — Saasaan Nabavi


what a sad situation.ISIS would not exist if USA did not attacked IRAQ in the first place.

Author — leli yum


She is not cruel at all compare to those ISIS. She did not rape, enslave, she just take what she deserves "revenge"

Author — Maito sensei


She is so badass ! And people talk about women empowerment? Lol

Author — Ether Messiah Gaming


Mandatory goody two shoes western journalist. She had no time for him.

Author — Lucas de la luz


I'm in the West and I'm not mad at all on what she's doing keep up the good work.

Author — Jeffrey Moran


isil scumbags dont deserve mercy atall.

Author — Jo Yaku


so interesting that the so-called humanitarian groups are first concerned about the ISIS fighters and then about what happened to the people of Iraq.

Author — Arashk Borzoo


There is a point at which prisoners no longer merit civilized treatment. A soldier, yes, a monster who crucifies men in front of their families, cuts off the clitorises of 8 year old girls and forces them to eat them, then burns their mothers to death, no. These people need to understand that they not only are going to lose, but that false god has abandoned them and that their evil acts will not be tolerated

Author — Appolo Geticks


Meanwhile ISIS gangs and supporters go unpunished in Europe .

Author — MrFattyfatfatboy


Everybody deserves justice as this best learned from Salahuddin who conquered Jerujalem . Our Prophet (PBUH) didn't teaches us the way this woman in this video treated them. There is a code of conduct in Islam treating prisoner from battleground. Simply, they are ignorant and this revenge by this group is against our islamic values.

Author — Md Keramot Ali


Meet the new boss... Same as the old boss.

Author — Masaharu Morimoto


The mother with her precious babies, living in the rubble of bombed houses, ripped the heart from my chest. All she wants is what every mother wants for their children, she wants safety, food, clean water, shelter and the opportunity to build a good life. Those are only basic human needs, but for that mother and her children, those things were a lifetime away from where they stood. No human being should ever have to experience those conditions. Those that crave power and control over others, force innocent lives to suffer beyond comprehension, all in the name of greed, power and control.

Author — Kathleen Beveridge


It would have been much easier to just carpet bomb Mossul, Raqqah and Fallujah in 2014.

Godspeed Iraq, kill them all.

Author — Dick Cheney


An Eye For An Eye Will Make The Whole World Blind - Mahatma Gandhi

Author — Kumar Akshat


ISIS that are caught deserve everything they get and much more!!!

Author — nightlightabcd


Stupid people fighting each other in own community and blame for other.

Author — Bishnu Parajuli


Why didn’t you bring up the Kurds who started the defeat of ISIL?

Author — No Wallet