Coleman Hughes on Straight Talk on Racism with Wilfred Reilly S2 [Ep 17]

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Welcome to another episode of Conversations with Coleman.

My guest today is Wilfred Reilly. Wilfred is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University. He holds a PhD in Political Science from Southern Illinois University and a Law degree from The University of Illinois. He is also the author of the books "Taboo: 10 Facts You Can't Talk About" and "Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War"

Wilfred and I talked about the undiscussed progress that America has made on racial issues, racial disparities and to what degree they can be attributed to current racism, past racism, or other factors like group cultural differences, public misperceptions surrounding racism and the cops, hate crime hoaxes and why people manufacture them, and much more.

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“what’s deep about this point is just how little logical thought actually goes into the default national conversation about national equality ...that something so simple that a ninth grade statistics class would cover on day one, is actually not a default part of the conversation at all”

Author — John Buckner


Wilfred strikes the perfect balance between humour and academic discussion

Author — cheechvda


Lol I had this dude for a professor at SIU... Crazy to see him pop up in my feed.

Author — Tom Sleep


I love the debate format where Coleman steel-man’s the activist argument.

Author — Jon Hepworth


*Many people point to the identical job applications experiment as clear evidence of racism, but when i looked into it (the UK experiment) I saw many flaws in the methodology. I have wrote about this below for anyone who wants to know.*

Firstly, if the researchers really wanted to measure the effect of ethnic bias in an employers hiring decision, they would have to send a pair or a set of identical job applications to the SAME employer, holding all the relevant factors constant APART from the ethnicity of the applicant. This way, the only difference between the applications would be the applicants ethnicity, which would allow the researcher to logically conclude that the differing success rates could be attributed solely to ethnic bias.

They would also need to repeat this exact experiment on a representative number of employers in order to deduce anything meaningful about the employers biases at large. (There were an estimated 854, 000 job vacancies in the year this study was carried out (2019.) A representative sample of this number would be a minimum of 13, 000.)

This was NOT the methodology the researchers employed in this study. They only sent ONE application to EACH of the 3, 200 employers (a sample size more than 4x too small) and they unevenly varied the ethnicities across the entire sample, over sampling Pakistanis and Nigerians.

Here is a quote from the methodology section of the study:

“Traditionally, correspondence studies relied on matched pairs or sets of applicants. In these paired designs, the same employer receives multiple applications in which information on skills, qualifications, work experience is comparable and the only varying characteristic is ethnicity (or the characteristic on which discrimination is tested). More recently, unpaired designs have become more common, one of their advantages being the lower risk of detection. Our design is also unpaired: we sent only one application to each single employer.”

- The fact that pairs and sets of identical applications carry a higher risk of detection does not mean that a flawed and unfair testing method should be employed as an alternative. This is not scientifically rigorous - it’s expedient, unsound and inconclusive. You simply cannot demonstrate the ethnic biases of employer A by the actions of employer B.

The researchers may argue that the test was designed to identify the average effect of ethnic bias across employers at large, and not the effect on just one employer. But in order to measure the average effect of racial bias across employers at large, you must first establish that it’s actually racial bias that you’re measuring. And without giving each employer the opportunity to demonstrate just how much racial bias affected their decisions (ie by sending identical pairs or sets of applications to the same employers whilst only varying the applicants ethnicity) the data collected is entirely inconclusive.

Some other smaller methodological problems would be the fact that they didn’t account for the ethnicities of the decision makers in question, meaning that there would be no way of telling which ethnicities were more or less likely to unfairly discriminate. The test also doesn't account for the ethnic backgrounds of the successful candidates that the employers discriminated in favour of on the occasions where their test applications received no responses at all. For example, how would they know if black applicants weren’t ignored in favour of other black applicants?

My impression is that the vast majority of of people who are aware of this study are completely unaware of the aforementioned flaws, and are therefore gravely misled.

Author — Joel Harvey


This sounds so much more reasonable and well thought out compared with Neil deGrasse Tyson's rant about being singled out by racist cops. He's a scientist! Did Mr Tyson forget how to interpret statistics?

Author — Tim Hatley


Respect from Canada Coleman.

Keep doing what you're doing -- Its important.

Author — 80teg


In the mythological (or gaming) sense, could there be a sword that cuts through bullshit? If so, I see Coleman and Wilfred as weilding them.

Author — galaxytrio


Commenting for the algorithm and because this content is so important, thank you!

Author — christopher2215


Coleman thank you for the discussion. I would really love to see you guys put some stats in here for the public to look up. When I try and google anything meaningful into these conversations they only offer evidence that suggests the opposite of what you both have discussed today. Which seems to to probably attribute to a lot of peoples thoughts and affirms their opinion that racism is the real factor behind these things.

Author — Paul L


1:07:10 "A person of size" is fucking brilliant :-D

Author — LiViro1


Fantastic discussion👍🏻👍🏻 I really appreciate Wilfred's analytic reasoning, devoid of emotional clutter.

Author — Keith Parker


Idk how one would go about doing this, but these conversations or even just the takeaways need to be pushed out to more people. These ideas will likely continue to be fringe but it feels like the narrative could be changed pretty quickly with the right approach. If one or two of the right mainstream news sources started spreading this type of info, we'd see instant benefits and real healing occur.

Author — username password


heard it. super good. my man rielles!!!

Author — killa3


Instead of Commentary, could these articles be sent to the Black Press?

I look forward to "the obvious" to be presented in front of ADOS!

Author — Stanley Cross


I lol'd at Coleman's statement about "youthful aggression" fading into the "temperance of middle age." I don't know about you guys but I'm getting real tired of all Coleman's youthful aggression.

Author — Nicholas Reed


Great stuff Coleman, another good guest. Samo Burja would be a good guest.

Author — Peter Hardie


I appreciate what your doing Coleman please keep doing it

Author — HouseNinja


29:45 Coleman's got a moomin mug. Worth about £30 if I recall, he better not drop it.

Author — Cheek Clappers


Is affirmative action used in selecting airline pilots or surgeons? Lets hope not, but if I found that my airline or hospital was doing that, I'd find a new airline or hospital. We should take other professions just as seriously.

Author — Hollis dunlap