How to Get Free Cable (All Channels)

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How to Get Free Cable (All Channels) 4
This joke tutorial will show you how you can get all cable channels for free, so you can essentially get free cable.

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This joke tutorial says that tricking your cable box into giving you all cable channels, not just the ones you subscribe to by amplifying the cable company signal. This should work for any cable company, so you can get free cable no matter what cable provider you have.

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i wonder why he didn't smile while telling this joke?

Автор — Yebharat


I'd vote for this guy for US President 👍

Автор — Jeff Sanchez


Omg I tried it with bob Marley music cds now he makes special appearances in every movie 😄

Автор — Nettie Horton


i put a bagel on the line and i now get the food channel

Автор — pao lon


thanks bro now my wife thinks I'm back on meth

Автор — Robert Cruz


Maybe this guy should stick that cable cord up his ass and see if he can view from his eyes :)

Автор — Ghost Dog 83


My inductivity was so strong, my fake hip shot out of my body and attached to the back of the TV`1`
Now I must crawl around with one floppy leg to get where I need to go

Автор — Nancy Mohren


I wonder how many people actually tried this? LOL

Автор — HeadZombie


This works great but Joe left out an important step. I bought an old cable box from a local thrift store and followed the instructions. I followed all the steps and it didn’t work at first so I thought it might be a bad cable box. My neighbor has the same setup on his TV so I asked him for advice on why it’s not working for me. He told me I have to burn the DVDs first so I used a barbecue lighter and ran the flame across each disc for 15 seconds. When I taped the burnt DVDs back onto the coax cable it started working perfectly and now I have all channels and no cable bill. Thanks Joe for this incredible money saving tip.

Автор — Anthony Short


I wonder how many idiots believed this?

Автор — ItzMikeOmg


I taped a g.i Joe on the cord now I get a bunch of military channels

Автор — MAG MIKE


Omg... I did what he instructed and was watching cops and they jumped out and arrested me for cheating the cable company. I need a lawyer now

Автор — mr. J


I mixed porn with cooking dvds and now i have a different gf every day that cooks!!! Woohoo!! Thanks serious joe!

Автор — jae zee


If its a joke then why am i not laughing

Автор — Naren Harrilal


He has catfished everyone! This sh*t does not work! Hell, I even tried it once to see if the cable companies haven’t figured this out already....Too late! They did! Nice try!

Автор — Scott Tolbert


So if you understand inductance even slightly, it's passing a magnet through a coil to create current or using current through a coil to move a magnet. Current moving through a coil, which a cd is not because it's not grounded, does not make sense. Aside from that coaxial cables are shielded specifically to prevent interference, if this were the way things worked you could just go buy an amplifier and it would work 1000x better because they actually are designed to boost signals by many decibels. In summation, this guy is faking videos for money and wasting people's time don't subscribe don't watch.

Автор — David B


...awesome idea, Thio Joe...however, I used 4 old toilet bowl lids, hooked them all together, and now I get all the channels, completely free...although the picture seems to be covered with shit!!!...

Автор — bdm5858


Hey try it but it didn't work what I did wrong

Автор — Armando Medina


Wow! This is awesome but, how come I got a $6, 000 bill in the mail from the electric company in Germany?



It doesn't work in India... Videocon cable network

Автор — king