Flat Earth rising: meet the people casting aside 2,500 years of science

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Though not a new phenomenon, flat Earth theory has enjoyed a huge resurgence recently. A YouGov poll indicated that a third of Americans aged 18 to 24 were unsure of the shape of our planet, in spite of scientific proofs from Pythagoras to Nasa. Why has this happened now, and what does it tell us about society today?

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Why don't the flat earthers organize a trip to the edge of the earth

Author — Zeba's Tricks


"I spent the last 15 years, looking for truth."
Congrats, you just wasted 15 years of your life.

Author — David I


When the dog is the most intelligent person in the room. :)

Author — Michael Fitzgerald


The sun is round, the moon is round, Mars is round, Jupiter is round, Saturn is round, Neptune is round, Uranus is round, Venus is round, Mercury is round and there we are, a floating frisbee.
Edit : Y’all need chile, like bruh this clearly a joke. Idngaf about what shape the earth is.

Author — Isabird


It just absolutely astonishes me that grown men and women seriously believe that the earth is flat. It is just mind boggling

Author — Matt Krause


"I was put in special schools, they said I had a genius IQ"

Who's gonna tell him?

Author — ThundorLord


2:40 “I was having my midlife crisis at that time.” Exactly.

Author — Ely Mayer


I came here because I'm struggling with linear algebra for Statistics, and this video cheer me up because I'm not that dumb after all !

Author — E C


*”They are evolving, just backward” -Pewdipie*

Author — DrivenFromHeaven


90s scientists: there are particles under atoms
Scientists now: for the last time earth is not flat

Author — Squallycellar 25


I love flat earthers, because they remind me that even though I’m a failure, there are always people even more disappointing than me

Author — Simse's workshop!


The flat earth society has memebers from all over the 'globe'

Author — hardcore herbivore


The “I” in flat earth is for intelligence

Author — oooshner


They must sleep with a ruler under their pillow to see how long they slept for.🤔

Author — Ashraf Ali


"How does a lunar eclipse work?" "That I'm not sure about."

Author — Log!c


Having an open mind is great, just make sue it's not so open that everything falls out

Author — Jeremy Shives


There are thousands of photos of the big blue ball from space. How can anyone dispute that.

Author — Chris Notap


If the earth were flat, cats would have pushed everything off years ago.

Author — Adeel Abbas


Buddy said “in the name of love let’s keep telling people that it is flat.” Lol. made me laugh

Author — Angelo Castañeda


The interviewer looks like he got PTSD from their staunch stupidity

Author — Nachiket Venkat